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Learning Dholuo will not only help readers to understand what the Luos are, but The book will offer readers a chance to learn the language. It should therefore . Learn Dholuo (Teach Yourself Dholuo Beginners Audio Book) Global Publishers Other Useful Basic / Common Words, Phrases and Expressions in Dholuo. Dholuo, or Luo, belongs to the Luo-Acholi group of the Nilo-Saharan language family. Dholuo is mutually How difficult is it to learn Dholuo? There is no data.

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More information can be found in the external links. This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on dhlouo HubPages Service. I will return sometime today.

It [the sky] has opened itself Good morning!

Learn the Luo language of Kenya: Vocabulary and Conversation Basics

Hail Mary 2 Misawa maria Iponggi nema ruoth obed kodi In jahawi kwoum mon gi Jesus nyathi manie iyi jahawi. The following vocabulary will help you: Where is the garden that I may dig? Languages in the U. English Singular noun Plural noun Singular noun construct Plural noun construct garden puodho puothe puoth- puothe- food chiemo chiembe chiemb- chiembe- And some of the exceptions: In Dholuo, verbs usually end in -olike chiemo”to eat”.

This is unlike Bantu languages where words must end in a vowel. Our day was fine. Other words can also be used similarly to form different past tenses, as the following table summarizes: Examples include words for “yes” and “no. It [the sky] has closed itself Good evening! For brevity, this lengthening is not shown here for subsequent greetings, but it frequently occurs in speech where there is time for it.


The evening is going well. En kod nyithindo ariyo. And that is your first born? I do not claim to be an expert of this beautiful language, but I have a sufficient working knowledge to share with you.

Abiro puonji kaka watede. Food which is sweet very Itedo maber! One language is never enough My hovercraft is full of eels Why this phrase? Thanks for visiting this page Mildred Matara.

Hello Emmanuel i’m working in a project a contest in the website Freelancer. Take it easy, I’m so sorry, Get better soon.

March 24, would be written as tarik 24 due mar adek higni Ma nyachira, to ma reru to mano dhako matin. They therefore chose to settle around Lake Victoria where fish are in plenty along the shores and off the many dholou.

Dholuo | About World Languages

I have not yet eaten. There appear to be at least two varieties that are mutually intelligible:. In the command form, ok changes to kik: I hope that helps. Mirembefor example, is very close to the Luhya greeting, Murembebut is not Dholuo as far as I know.

In one of my hubs, I have shown how it is related to the Ankh of ancient Egypt which also symbolized Life and good health. Many foods like bananas, cassava, potatoes, and fruit can be gotten during this season. Reply to ‘How are you? How is the morning? Click here if you would like to advertise on our site. The opposite of tie is onge”to be lacking, missing, not present”:. Adjectives are words that describe nouns: I hope you can help me, thanks in advance Luis Salazar Torreon Coah.


Reduplication functions as a means of expressing diminution, augmentation, and generalization. From Jim Harries ‘Wach en gi teko’ is a favourite Luo phrase.

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For all verbs that end in nyothe subjunctive form ends in ny as expected.

Following is the conjugation of the verb ndikoto write:. Due mar achiel, abiro bedo gi nyithindo ariyo. The present tense gives not only the English “he writes” meaning, but also the “he is writing” meaning. Upon returning to the US, I saw that there were surprisingly few resources on the internet for picking up simple Luo phrases, so I thought I’d write a few down.

Dholuo language guide – Home

In some verbs an —i is added at the end as well, sometimes the details are beyond the scope of this work, but just for recognition purposes it is mentioned here:. Speak to me in Dholuo How do you say When he rose to speak, President Kibaki avoided politics and did not answer Mr Odinga’s request. Dialogues are given first in Dholuo, followed by a translation of meaning into English.

Animals “Twiga” — Giraffe That was the aunt of your father. How did you pass your day?