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When the dead need to talk, Alex Craft is always ready to listen As a Grave Witch, Alex solves murders by raising the dead—an ability that. The USA Today bestselling author of Grave Memory and Grave Dance returns with her bewitching heroine Alex Craft in a new novel of twisting urban fantasy. Editions. Grave Memory . Kalayna Price The third book in the Alex Craft urban fantasy series about a Grave Witch who can talk to the dead.

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I was like no There is undoubtedly more movement for them I’m coining it Dalex if nobody has yet ; I know he loves her and will sacrifice for her, I get it. Kalayja hate love triangles and I’m especially malayna of this one, particularly since she’s infatuated with not one but two men she can’t have.

Unfortunately, Death is not very present to fight his caseand Falin is still on Winter’s Queen beck and call to make me root for him. PC is her Chinese crested dog. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I not only understood but it seemed to follow step by step, which was great. He almost got her killed, in fact did, if not for another intervention by death.

Grave Visions

Well, only Alex since she cannot talk about it. She’s certainly on top of her game here. I would have preferred if the investigation had wrapped up sooner and instead had more time spent on more interesting plot points.


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The cliff hanger was a continuation of several of the unresolved long arcs and the love triangle, but the book arc was satisfactorily resolved after an exciting amount of seat-of-the-pants climactic confrontation which is becoming the norm in this overall exceptionally good series.

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Overall, I’d recommend this series klayna someone who is tired of the constant YA angst-drama-fest and wants to read some great Urban Fantasy series with interesting world-building, believable and likeable main heroine and lots of mythology. How selfish to string her along. How I missed these awesome mysteries that only Kalayna can create! Jan 14, Lynsey A Bookish Life rated it really liked it.

I’m hoping that this will lead to more interaction between her and her Dad. I was greatly enjoying this, as I have the others in the series, until about the last quarter. For he must obey the queen. I don’t care for this ,alayna lasting so long, I wish she would take her pick, and build from mwmory. Tilting the phone away from my mouth, I glanced at Rianna.

It attracts human attention and increases their belief which makes the fae stronger. So good to be back with Alex and crew.

Looking at the reviews for the following books, it seems the things I really disliked about this book are only going to be more prominent.


The Trouble with Twelfth Grave.

Grave Memory (Alex Craft, #3) by Kalayna Price

It was going to take a lot of work. Mekory actively despise love triangles. She closed the lid and clutched the gift as if it were much more gave than a cheap case and a oalayna of business cards.

That is why I read urban fantasy. It’s just a run of the mill Ultimately, the long wait between books and the publishers lack of effort in reminding us about this book was the downfall. I’ve been told by Kalayna that she has been approved for 3 more books in this series!

Return to Book Page. And later, when reporting to Her Cold Heartedness, not only does Alex not say anything like, “well, you know, as I had Prince Squiggy report back to you”, but in that same scenewho was the only person Queen Clueless didn’t query directly “hey, are you my traitor”?

The point of going was to learn about faerie and to help her make a choice about who she will align with.