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1. CFC Youth for Christ. YEAR 1: COVENANT ORIENTATION ( EDITION). YFC Covenant Orientation. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Chapter 1: THE COVENANT . Youth For Christ West Cluster will held an Covenant Orientation this upcoming January 21, at Saint Catherine Academy, Mambusao. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the.

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God forgives my sins. We protect the environment. Loving God with all our heart means loving the Lord with our whole being. The Covenant talks may be given as a whole day activity or as two half-day activities. Honor and respect Ex. Eagerness to serve C.

This system also trains Household Heads in true Christian leadership. Loving God entails sacrifice B. He wants to forgive oriengation sins so we can always be close to Him.

Introduction There are two things that we should realize about the family: Sufferings, trials and doubts B. Loving God means that we should always include God in our decisions, be they big or small.


Praying and interceding for family members 4. The suggested format for the teachings is as follows: We should learn about Him and study His teachings to gain wisdom.

YFC Talk 2 Covenant Orientation by kimberly faelnar on Prezi

If there is one thing I could do to be an instrument of healing tomy family, what orientatio that be? Service Like any family, love and loyalty is expressed through service.

There will be times when our love for Orientatioon will be tested. Characteristics of Family-type Relationships A. Each person bears the image of God and is loved by God. The desire to evangelize. We will experience dryness in prayer Discussion Starters: Fear of rejection B. Refer to schedule c. We love the Lord with the covenang of our being – Includes our ideals and principles, and decision 2.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Loving, Honoring and Serving God 9: We know that God has a purpose for everything.

Respecting and listening to what they have to say-even if they are roientation. Taking pride in our heritage. We do this by not disgracing our bodies through the abuse of drugs, drunkenness and immorality. Choose one concrete example in your life where you can grow in your love for God. We obey the laws of the land. The blood that unites us is greater than any of these— the blood of Jesus Christ Jn.


Participating actively in joyful and reverent worship brings us in the presence of the Lord together with our brothers and sisters. We do this by being: Our Role in the Family A.

How have I shown my love for God: Service team seat arrangements, registration, covennant committee, etc.

Being aware and actively taking part in the affairs of our country. Show them their importance to us e. I believe that I am special to God. Sin will make us feel guilty C. To inspire the young orientatiom as he matures in his Christian life. How can I correct these?

YFC WA | Covenant Orientation 2018

Be forgiving, patient and loving towards your brothers and sisters. Characteristics of family type relationships A. How have I shown my love for God a with all my heart? He cares for us. What concrete decision can I make that will help me covenqnt, honor and serve my country better?