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by Manju Kapur. An unforgettable novel about what happens when a marriage collapses. Shagun is a woman of unassailable social standing, married to a man . Custody has ratings and 72 reviews. Free Delivery if order value from the seller is greater than Used Book in good condition. No missing/ torn. A marriage preceded or fractured by a heady, socially unacceptable romance has emerged time and again in Manju Kapur’s fiction.

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Apr 10, Indiabookstore rated it liked it. Skip to main content. Story revolved around the theme of ” Kxpur ” as well as perfectly suitable for title of this book. Manju Kapur never fails to amaze. Her novel el Custody was set in the surge of foreign gn investment.

Manju Kapur

Show 25 25 50 All. Recently, there was a news article in The Times of India regarding fighting of a divorced couple over the custody of their children. The defiant son is soon sent to boarding soon while the much younger daughter tries settles in with her father. Her decision to write in the manner she does comes out of writing what she knows and is comfortable with. For Kapur, the most important thing in her writing cuztody that her characters are real and believable.

They have been depri rived of their individuality, self-reliance an and aspirations. Her vindictive behaviour towards her husband, who has worked himself into the ground to give her what her family, his family, their culture and customs cusgody from a ‘good’ The blurb leads you to think of Shagun as the victim, but like most women these days, sadly, she wants to have the whole chocolate cake to herself and remain a size 0.

Dealing with sensitive issues of infidelity and infertility, Manju Kapur artfully tackles the matter with cuxtody skillful writing. Having said that, a worthwhile read.

Marriage, divorce, remarriage, finding one’s identity in the process the characters seems to be the broad theme custosy made out as decently as a light novel could. The characters in Custody certainly illicit that response. Dec 23, Anupa Chatterji rated it liked it. Csutody 21, Dawn Bates rated it it was ok Shelves: The award-winning author was in South Africa this month to promote her latest novel, Custody – a riveting story of how a loving family falls apart at the seams and all that is left is an emotional and spite-filled battle between the parents for the hearts and souls of their children.


Ishita is happ ppy even being the guardian of other’s ch child whereas Shagun even being the mothe ther hunts for independence and identity of her own. Shagun is deep mznju love with Ashok Khanna K and cudtody turn he also goes on conquer ering her mind, body and soul like a marketeer. A woman is a mere instrument of production pr and is to be exploited in common on.

Ruhi is one such child who has to bear the brunt of her parents’ separation.

Custody by Manju Kapur – review | Books | The Guardian

The characterisation is intricate and one can connect with the emotions of the protagnists. Manju Kapur has touched upon a very delicate and emotional subject of custody of children in a broken relationship.

Society’s attitudes towards infertility-to cast out a wife if she is barren. But is that simply because I come from the West, a broken family and now live in the East? Maanju nove vels are chronicles of the Indian middle class fam amilies wherein she discusses issues like lesbi sbianism, infidelity, infertility, divorce, adoption, n, sexual abuse and many more.

Divorce is not uncommon in Asian society today, but in an Indian setting, seems more complicated custosy the roles of the extended family members- the in-laws with bitter recriminations, the doting grandparents who are denied their weekly feeding sessions, the cousins who seem to be perfectly happy, the lawyer-relative who is caught between legalities and emotional outbursts Parellely, we are introduced to Ishita, who although not strikingly beautiful, is cutsody, kind and generous.

It was an interesting book, up to a point. The two are blessed with a son and daughter – life is complete, so to speak. Naturally the protagonists pr in Custody are in the cjstody oof the materialistic pursuits. The obsession with ensuring a lady is married and settled, as a yardstick to measure her happiness which filters down to parental coercion and feeling of low self-esteem.


Custody by Manju Kapur – review

After reading two of majnu novels – Custody and The Immigrant – I was eager to meet Manju Kapur, who writes about very serious issues with deep understanding as well as wit and humour.

Nov 29, Elizabeth Mcnair rated it it was ok. View all 3 comments. The modern wom oman has come out of the narrow socio-cultura ral spaces and paradigm. I couldn’t agree with the author here. Thank you author manju kpaur for giving this wonderful book! With her pincer grasp of Indian values and emotions, she can spin realistic tales of the Indian family life.

Consequently she is agitated and warn arns her mother that she would never confi nfide in her.

Caught in their midst is the childless Ishita who is in love with the idea of motherhood. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Log In Sign Up. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

It would be majnu if Kapur does a follow-up novel, focussing on the Roohi and Arjun, as they grow up and away from their divided family. At the heart of her novels are women and the issues that make or break them.

Raman re reacts violently as his male ego is hurt.

Custody by Manju Kapur

Shagunn llooks after children and shoulders domestic responsibility. Not only are we taken through the journey of what leads up to one, but also the repercussions of this as well.

You can see them walking past you in the lanes of Karol Bagh, Delhi.