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#/media/ Failing that, as it’s a fairly standard 4D shape, can this be recreated using the in. They create the machine manipulatable file from which not only the abstracts and index journals are derived, but the machine readable file is also the source of. Nonresidential construction, ° o • 29 most active States This manipulatable file is the Census Bureau’s first attempt to measure this activity by state.

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The Snodgrass and Vanderwart standardized set of line-drawings has been commonly used for many studies of object recognition. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

manipulate – Manipulatable Geometry from an Image – Mathematica Stack Exchange

Once you have the list of frames, a simple Export command suffices to create the movie:. Using Java 7, this is what I have so far: Michael Masson, for their feedback on this as well as the other experiments and chapters in my dissertation. Note that this is a sequence of flat images, so you cannot manipulate the viewpoint, lighting, etc.

Ted, if you use a mac, screenflow is the program that I use to make podcasts. Wolfram Universal Deployment System Instant deployment across cloud, desktop, mobile, and more. Sometime a discrepancy like this can indicate that one term has a more arcane or specialized meaning, as you suggest. A liner mixed model analysis of masked repetition priming. Importantly, in that study, photographs of objects were used.

Is there any way, I can take an existing internet image and have Mathematica read it in, so it can be manipulated using the Manipulate function? In all the sources I can find, the terms “manipul able ” and “manipul atable ” are both defined as some form of “able to be manipulated”.


manipulatable | Definition of manipulatable in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. These analyses require aggregating the data prior to conducting the analysis. FileSystemNotFoundException but that zip file definitely does exist. One prediction stemming from our behavioral research on the manipulability effect is that the activation of motor areas often observed in neuro-imaging studies during manipulable object naming e.

Fjle definition is used much less often than “manipulable” is is likely far newer; the distinction is likely maintained overtly and intentionally, to fie a more specific word than “manipulable” brings. The impact of colour, spatial resolution, and presentation speed on category naming.

Data analysis consisted of a mixed-effects analysis conducted in Rfollowed by a more traditional repeated measures ANOVA subjects analysis in SPSS to confirm that manipulatabpe more traditional analysis supported the findings from the mixed-effects analysis. With each analysis, significant findings can then presumably be generalized to other subjects and items.

In addition, our results suggested some advantage for identifying photographs faster than line-drawings. Wolfram Engine Software engine implementing the Wolfram Language. Got questions about Mathematica? A prediction of this theory is that the same neural substrate activated when perceiving an object is also used to represent or form a memory of the object.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Click here for additional data file. The results were also consistent with our hypothesis that manipulable objects are identified more quickly relative to non-manipulable objects when shown as photographs due to the extra texture and surface detail afforded during identification.

When you gain more reputation points, return and up-vote. I would take the shorter form to mean capable of being changed or adjusted, and the longer form to mean capable of being manipulated in an artificial or self-serving fashion. Covariate variables of AoA and familiarity Fam were also entered into the model to ensure that significant effects were not attributable to these covariates. If you are creating a movie that you want to include in a web page or send to someone as a standalone file, then the easiest and most interactive option is probably to distribute the movie in Computable Document Format CDF.


This result has implications for our understanding of effects of manipulability during object identification tasks, and the factors that moderate such effects. First, the effect sizes reported here are not large, i. That process part is very important–it’s what the affix “-ate” brings. How action and context priming influence categorization: Published online Oct This is something we do often—just about every movie or animation on the Wolfram Blog is created in Mathematica.

Most object-recognition research in the past has focused on the role of color as opposed to surface detail of objects Brodie et al. Slow categorization but fast naming for photographs of manipulable objects.


In cases where it is useful to generalize across both subjects and items, both analyses are conducted i. Legal Site Map WolframAlpha.

Importantly non-manipulable objects did not show this manipulable-object benefit. Email Please enter a valid email address. Thus, there was no evidence of a speed accuracy trade-off. To further increase the number of objects available, a local artist Andrea Rankin, http: Manipulable objects presented as photographs were identified significantly more quickly than the same manipulable objects presented as line-drawings.

An analysis of the accuracy results was also conducted using a mixed-effects model to confirm the lack of speed-accuracy trade-off.

In that one, there’s no semantic difference but users of each have strong opinions of the “correctness” of their choice. This raises interesting questions about the differences in representations between objects we maniulatable use and pick up i. In the present experiment we investigate whether line-drawings activate embodied object representations to the same fole as more realistic photographic depictions.

Likewise, the random effect item i represented each items deviation from the item group RT average.