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Hey guys, here’s my latest project, a Ligeti Stratos. This model is based on the real Stratos designed by Charles Ligeti. It’s an ultralight kit. After taxiing trials and several low level hops 5 to 10 feet above the ground, the pilot commenced the takeoff for the aircraft’s first test flight. This aircraft was intended to be the production version of the “Stratos” aircraft. The prototype version had successfully flown some hours.

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Through the generosity of the family of the late Charles Ligeti, and the active contribution of his son Ron, an accomplished aeronautical engineer, the Ligeti Stratos has been made available as what is hoped to be the first of a complete line of Open Source aircraft.

I’ve got a good angle of the surfaces on the top of the wing but on the bottom I don’t have as much extension. And since the 45″‘s wing is dovetailed, it will be even more secure. The canard and main wings had ailerons, and the main wing had flaps. Here’s a few pics of the real plane and my progress so far.

It’s made of DT foam with the paper removed. It is keyed, so there is no vee groove and needs to be cut in.

The reductions in both weight and induced drag made the aerodynamically clean configuration suitable for soaring. Ligeti Stratos, help with Blucor design needed. The current work of Ron Ligeti. Team – Suppliers Posted in Articles by Christopher One of the main objectives of the Open Source Ligeti Stratos Project is to encourage the participation of commercial interests in the project to make engines, instrumentation, assemblies, materials and services available to individual builders through a coordinated supply chain.

Return to Foamies Kits. The first full-sized Stratos prototype was built between and How did you get on with this model or did you set it aside?


Ligeti Stratos

What were the differences between the two versions which already flew. Hey BB, yeah the Stratos got put on the back burner as I haven’t been feeling well with a serious health issue I’m dealing with. Horten Flying wings Special: This is my first plane to build without plans.


I’ve been wanting kigeti build one of these for a long time. The foam is 9mm so two pieces of scrap from the fuselage can be used.

Last edited wtratos fall; Feb 16, at It had three-axis control, pitch control by elevator on fore-plane; roll control by ailerons on fore-plane and main plane, while wingtip split rudders provided yaw control when used differentially and acted as airbrakes when ligefi collectively. Do you plan to have some of the wires inside? Ligeti 45 specs as flown. But for know it might not have a straatos on the bag. Hi All, Paul Blymyer has released the 45 inch version of the original Ligeti he designed.

Report an accident or incident: On the original a vee groove is cut from the factory. The nose dropped despite the pilot’s counteracting elevator input. It’s plenty strong and I’ll have to see what the AUW is when it’s done.

Also, the altitude at which the flight was conducted would not have allowed the pilot time to make the necessary corrective control imputs following the stall before the aircraft impacted the ground. Distribute the plans at no charge.

Investigation: – Ligeti Stratos, 1 km SE Penfield VIC, 22 September

I ran out of time last night and was unable to finish, so the build goes on. Pricing will be set by the suppliers. The engine mounting was lowered such that the ducted propeller was totally below the main wing and the lower part of the propeller duct was extended well forward to form a “channel or strake”.

Oct 17, I suggest you keep a check on our website for the next few weeks as we’ll have it up for sale soon. As my kit is on the way Very Cool Joe.


Anybody has a copy of that data? It has survived Not only five centuries, but also The leap into electronic Typesetting, remaining. The prototype had a kw hp three-cylinder Konig engine. Engine RPM appeared normal.

My build order is a bit different. He subsequently advised that liggeti aircraft was slow to accelerate after lifting off at 45 knots. This page is intended to list the current status of each of the five objectives of the project. In April a production run of 20 aircraft was commenced, and proposals were announced to move production ligetii larger premises where up to 40 aircraft per year could be constructed.

Ligeti Stratos Scratchbuild

For me, it makes installing them easier. Inverted flight was a piece of cake. They found some suspicious spots on my liver a few months back and I’m going for another MRI scan next week to see about the progression. The pilot considered that either the engine was not delivering strtos power or that there was extraordinary drag associated with lateral gusts of wind. I got my dimensions from pictures and drawings from the sttratos.

Ligeti Stratos Scratchbuild |

Create and cultivate a community of technically-proficient participants and supporters. The use of full span elevators results in a relatively uniform loading of the canard as the elevator is deflected approaching the stall.

Because the main wing is still producing lift at this stage the nose down pitch following the stall of the canard would be aggravated. That is why I am building another one.