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La jalousie (French Edition) [Alain Robbe-Grillet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Le narrateur de ce récit un mari qui surveille sa femme. Tools, File , 5,3 MB, PDF · File , ,7. Published in , as the nouveau roman was rising on the Parisian literary scene, Alain Robbe-Grillet’s novel La Jalousie [Jealousy] produced in many of its .

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In French “Jalousie” means both “jealousy” and “blinds”. View all 29 comments. Woman writes a letter. As I read further and further, I became increasingly anxious, but cannot come anywhere close to explaining how Robbe-Grillet managed to take me robbe-ggillet.

Any sort of fascination I might have developed toward its circular rhythms, its enigmatic understatements, its sinister atmospheres, was quickly stifled by Robbe-Grillet’s mundane repetitiveness and Sahara-dry prose — which was probably his intention.

It does not explode, this language, or explore, nor it is obliged to charge upon the object and pluck from the very heart of its substance the one ambiguous name that will sum it up forever. A truly unusual reading experience that I found strangely invigorating. For me, this kalousie a most fascinating part of this novella. Franck complains about car troubles, swats Simply astonishing: Are we sure that the guy we think is her husband is also our eye?

This article about a s novel is a stub.

The first time that I realize that he is in the frame of the scene being described is when there are two people being observed and a third plate on the table. Unfortunately, I lost interest in cracking this nut around the page mark meaning it was quite a long, irritating journey through the remaining Later, as they sit side by side, our attention is diverted to the metal ice bucket, “its lustre already frosted over.

As with Franck’s car crash, posited and then erased, it seems that A From the latter runs a thin vertical thread which increases in size as it rises from the concrete substructure.


I did not finish the book because I finally decided that there are thousands perhaps millions of books that I would prefer to read instead. Robbe-grillte in your details below or click an icon to log in: View all 4 comments. The jealous husband in jalousif novel spies on his wife through robbe-grkllet Venetian blind -like slats of the jalousie windows of their home. Readers have to tease out the meaning, and even then we don’t know whether we’re right.

We are essentially lost in surface. He can hear some of their conversations but not all including whispers. Any all-seeing and all-hearing machine, non-judgmental, opinionless, without emotion. I was led to believe that he was peeping from behind the jalousies, perhaps not by any actual textual evidence, but by the title and everything I read leading up to my reading of the text. Has the narrator caught her in an act of onanism?

LA Jalousie

What changed in how the narrator decodes the tableau of objects as he seeks to confirm his suspicions? As Robbe-Grillet was himself fond of declaring: The final letter we see A Robbe–grillet find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: May 17, ralowe rated it liked it. This makes all the action and description unreliable, giving the book its detective novel reputation: Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE robbe-grilley a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves.

Instead, one slowly pieces together the story and the emotional experience of jealousy in the repetition of descriptions, the attention to odd details, and the breaks in repetitions.

We see a colonial plantation farm house in almost forensic detail. Does this ostensible illicit couple even do anything that suggests a relationship?

We read the half dozen most significant aspects of his story several times. A slightly damaged and subjective empiricism is at work here. Because what he relates to us is so devoid of emotional coloring it is as if he is an alien presence and will require human intervention to make sense of what he is seeing.


Now how would you interpret the following? The head leans to the right, offering the hair more readily to the brush. And, by the way, not only robbr-grillet there nearly zero similes or metaphors in this novella, the sentences tend to be short and staccato. View all 33 comments. You’ve discovered an accidental hole, you peep into it, see something seemingly innocent but somehow suggests of mischief.

The house’s surfaces reveal themselves to us in a series of straight lines and chevrons, horizontals, verticals, and diagonals, disks and trapezoids. He is observing her, in this particular jalouwie, through lw slats of a blind or jalousie in French ; and we, through an ingenious if untranslatable linguistic duplication, are watching her through two jalousies: The reader is bound meticulously to the cataloguing and scrutinizing of objects in rooms and nurtures a relational system based on distance, proximity, and difference.

He plays with repetition. Robbe-grilet, in practice, it didn’t work that robbe-griplet at all. What does the man who the narrator notes is bending down gazing into the shallow perhaps muddy water symbolize?

Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet

The introduction was excellent and so all in all I finally managed to get “my head around” the book and enjoyed it to a certain extent. View all 8 comments. Leenhardt’s reading purports to make eobbe-grillet what in Frederic Jameson’s terms can be described as La Jalousie ‘s “material and referential preconditions “emphasis original.