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Kunzang Monlam is the prayer of Kuntuzangpo. Kuntuzangpo is called Samanthabadra in Sanskrit, or Pu Xien Pusa in Chinese. This prayer. Kunzang Monlam(or Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo) – The Prayer of Kuntuzangpo is a famous Dzogchen aspiration prayer from the. On solstices, eclipses and equinox day, Tibetan Buddhists have the practice of the Kunzang Monlam. A prayer that describes the nature of.

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Therefore, from the lens of the Kunzang Monlam, Buddhism could be regarded as functioning as a science, art, philosophy, poetry and religion of clarifying awareness. Only by letting that fictive self go — to reside in awareness of our natural goodness — can genuine confidence be found.

Thus the ground awareness [even as it manifests] never becomes confused. Likewise in Tibetan Buddhism these are times for spiritual practice. Can you clarify this for me please? In Tibetan Buddhism, there is also the notion that the effects of actions on these days are multiplied. You can listen to the prayer and watch the video here: It is true respected Rinpoche, mind is everything, if we can tame our mind with awareness than it is great victory…. The importance of the solstice and equinox is so overlooked in western culture.

This natural confidence arises because the root of all fear is the disassociation from our natural goodness. It is contrived and so it gives off a fundamental anxiety, because it cannot be trusted as a ground to rest into.

Previous Bridging Science and Spirituality…. The ground of all reality is uncontrived, and the self-arising great expanse, beyond expression.

So this is one of the reasons that spiritual practices such as the Kunzang Monlam or mantra monlwm in general are undertaken on such days. In the face of the intensities of our life, that fictive self is inadequate, and we sense this. On eclipse days, that system is believed to be disrupted, leaving a person more weak and vulnerable to impending forces.


Notify me of new comments via email. That initiation gives a special ingredient to practice which serves as permission, introduction and a direct encounter with the meaning of the practice. It is unstained by outer expression and inner thought, affirmation or denial.

Great Perfection Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

That which gives rise to samsara, or nirvana is awareness and un-awareness. It is contrived and so it gives way to fundamental anxiety, because it cannot be trusted as a ground to rest into. Such warnings appear in different kuzang of Buddhist literature such as the Kalachakra or the Gyud zhi, the four medical tantras, as well as throughout Indian, Chinese and Tibetan astrology.

The Dakini known in Tibetan as Khandro is the principle of spacious dynamic wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism.

Prayer of Kuntuzangpo – Rigpa Wiki

This has adverse health effects, especially on those of weak constitution or whoever may alrea dy be suffering from some health complaint. On eclipse days, that system is believed to be disrupted, leaving a person more weak and vulnerable to impending forces.

Awareness itself becomes the basis for an intrinsic confidence, because we practice relating more and more directly with what is in front of us rather than being so caught up in our anxieties, interpretations and agendas.

So in Tibetan traditions they are important!

The practice of Buddhists is to wake up from this unconscious cycle. Thank you Rinpoche, I am blessed by this offering and offer my gratitude in return. I do know that in Tibetan Medicine planting particular herbs on particular days for particular affects is observed. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Science, mysticism or both? This is why it is read at the bedside of dying people to help them recognize the nature of mind. From the ripening of these five aspects of awareness knuzang the five wisdoms, the five original Buddhas emerge, and through the expanse of kunaang wisdom, the 42 peaceful Buddhas appear.

My emanations are an unceasing stream. Depending on the particulars, the effects of an eclipse lasts between one to three months, with the most intense effects immediately surrounding the actual eclipse date.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Kunzang Monlam is the prayer of Kuntuzangpo. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Tibetan Buddhism is also diverse, so there may be particular teachings in one lineage that appear differently from tradition to another. Through the arising creativity of the five wisdoms, the 60 wrathful Herukas manifest.

Menu Connect Play Store download link. Reality is said to be non-dual and therefore represents the union of the full spectrum of male and female energies of the universe. I, Kuntuzangpo, abide as intrinsic awareness.

I have been taught that in Tibetan Buddhism, the view is that spiritual practices done on eclipses days have greater effect, their kunzamg is multiplied. Through Kuntuzangpo, the Primordial buddha of Total Goodness, may all beings fully awaken perfected in the palace of the vast expanse dharmadhatu. Hi Gayle, Yes its so true! Tibetan Buddhism is vast, so there are always more teachings.