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In his forty years of teaching philosophy, Kreeft says the most effective way to accomplish this purpose is to read ophy means “the love of wisdom. “The popular author and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft presents this introduction to philosophy to help beginners not only to understand philosophy but also. After teaching philosophy for forty years, Peter Kreeft finds reading the Apology of Socrates to be the most effective way to help beginners “fall in love” with.

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The answers given were, respectively: But should we not give reasons for this momen- tous choice? David Farel rated it liked it Dec 16, Wisdom, like saintliness, is rare. Instead of rhetoric, Socrates uses simple, plain speech, ordinary language, because this is clearer, and clarity is the servant of truth.

The whole world is equally guilty of his death, too. If Socrates is right about God, the less than totally honest theist will require a longer Purgatory than the totally honest atheist, for he has not yet graduated from God’s kindergarten.

Philosophy is the key to virtue. Not a knowledge of facts, but a knowledge of val- ues; in fact, an understanding of values and of the truth that doing good is always personally profitable, that virtue makes you happy, that “justice is always more profitable than injustice” the fundamental conclu- sion proved in the Republic.

Passive minds are not teachable; only active minds are.

Philosophy 101 by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology

No, the thing that they dispute about is likely to be who is the wrongdoer, what he did, and when. Then he sent a man to Athens to find out from the seer what ought to be done— mean- while paying no attention to the man who had been bound, neglecting him because he was a murderer and it would be no great matter even if he died.

And you actually believe that war oc- curred among the gods, and there were dreadful hatreds, battles, and all sorts of fearful things like that? One set will hold that some others do wrong, and the other set deny it? Wisdom rightly judges and challenges and rebukes politics art, science, and technology. Philosophy is docile teachable Socrates, the world’s greatest teacher, says, I never was teacher to anyone; but if anyone desires to hear me speaking and doing my business, whether he be young or old, I have never grudged it to any Kreeft calls it “the Magna Carta of philosophy,” a timeless classic that is “a portable classroom.


It is commanded by “the god”; and it is “the greatest good”, the sum- mum bonum; and therefore a life without it is “not worth living for a man” as distinct from an ostrich: The deeper the thought, the darker its source.

Socrates in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. The first words of the Euthyphro, “This, Socrates, is something new? Kreeft is a Christian, but also a leading philosopher. Why does he mention these three groups?

Full text of “Philosophy by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology”

Everything Kreeft writes is a joy and challendge. I answer with Socrates’ last words of the Apology: Rhetoric has not disappeared today, nor has it weakened; it has just changed its forms. Truth is divine; the love of it is human. Jun 17, Judy rated it really liked it. You may as well have asked’ him whether the sky is blue.

Re-Imagining Death and Dying. There are three introductions in this book – 1. It can only be shown in action, by a lover of wisdom like Socrates. And what each one of them thinks noble, good, and just, is what he loves, and the opposite is what he philosophh The pollution is the same if, knowingly, you as- sociate with such a man, and do not cleanse your- self, and him as well, by bringing him to justice.

My library Kreegt Advanced Book Search. Introduction to this Book. They would hardly be at variance with each other, if they did not differ on these questions. But a life like that, a life composed only of practi- cal things that serve some other end but with noth- ing in it worth having for its own sake — the true, the good, the beautiful — such a life is not funny but pitiful.

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We are still pre-Socratics, at least in our spontaneous imagery. Mar 02, Pierre rated it really liked it. One day philoophy had been drinking, and became jreeft at one of our do- mestics, and cut his throat; whereupon my father bound him hand and foot, and threw him into a ditch. Socrates uses philosohpy argument in another dialogue, the Meno, to argue that virtue cannot be taught.

Is it someone who has wings to fly away with? He is “a highbrow”, that is, an “egghead”, “smart- aleck”, or “know-it-all”.

Philosophy by Socrates : Peter Kreeft :

Let me tell him that in the past I have considered it of great importance to know about things divine, and that now, when he asserts that I erroneously put forward my own notions and inventions on this head, I have become your pupil. I should call them “matchmakers” rather than “in- troductions”, because the purpose of all three of these little ancient classics is to have the beginners actu- ally begin, not just understand philosophy but do it.

And, Socrates, I told the truth. No philosophy that will not use that runway will ever fly.

Peter John Kreeft Boston College. I can think of only two candidates that fit this de- scription.

philosopjy But in the same sentence he tells us what we can be certain of: We may believe or hope or fear something — heaven, hell, annihilation, rein- carnation — but we do not know it.