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We manufacture metal working and metal cutting tools for milling, drilling, turning and tooling systems applications in demanding environments. Tooling Systems Innovations Catalog Sections. Download the entire catalog pdf, or in individual section pdfs. Interactive Catalogs. innovations thumb PDF Catalogs. Tooling Systems Innovations · Tooling Systems Master Catalog.

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We partner with our customers to implement standard and customized solutions with minimum cost per part and high repeatability in mind. Easy Access to Proven Metalworking Expertise! We can supply all Kennametal Stellram products. Our best prices are listed on the Web site.

Since its inception inKennametal has understood precisely how to improve manufacturing performance and kennameatl — by introducing unparalleled products and services to cataloguw operating costs and lead times.

Training is available via live sessions, webinars, and self-guided online videos. Cart Wishlist Account Login Reviews. Support Product Support Email Click here to shop Kennametal products. Knowledge and Performance in Concert Imagine running in perfect, synchronised harmony.

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Open the catalog to page 4. Kennametal has unique capabilities and resources to cover the total manufacturing equation from high-purity metals to automated deburring and finishing.



Aerospace Technologies Aerospace component surfaces are one of the key battlegrounds in environmentally friendly manufacturing. E-catalog generation in any format File types: Training is available via live sessions, webinars, and self-guided online videos. On UPS Ground orders, if the item cannot be shipped within a week, we will email you promptly with those options.

Standard off-the-shelf inserts and fewer pieces of hardware reduce inventory and operating costs. Kennametal owns the entire process chain, from raw material, insert pressing, tool body design, brazing, sintering, grinding, kennameetal, and so on, up to reconditioning. On UPS Red or Blue orders, if the item is temporarily out of stock, we will attempt to contact you as soon as we are confirmed usually same day, at worst the following day to give you the kennsmetal of waiting, substituting, or canceling.

They can also realise benefits by utilising the strength of the new PVD coating in combination with the broad product offering to perform turning, grooving, and cut-off operations in a wide array of materials Open the catalog to page 2.

Click here for Max Tool’s Kennametal online application support.

Innovation Catalog 2017

Aerospace IndustriesExpertise and Excellence: Now that Kennametal has acquired Stellram, we can also offer the full Stellram product line to customers wtihin our sales territory.

Each character in our catalogue number signifies a specific trait of that product. The Online Industrial Exhibition. For more information, see pages M10—M High-Temperature Machining Guide Superalloy Classifications High-temperature alloys are broadly classified into three groups: Open the catalog to page 9.


Abrasion resistance is primarily a function of hardness, and, kennametall this respect, diamond PCD and cubic boron nitride CBN are superior to all other known materials. Account Settings Order History Logout. Open the catalog to page 2. On UPS Red or Blue orders, if the item is temporarily out of stock, we will attempt to contact you as soon as we are confirmed usually same day, at worst the following day to give you the option of waiting, substituting, or canceling.


Cataloggue Depot Product Offering: The unmatched versatility of these new taps means lower inventory costs with no loss of productivity, consistent tool life, and high-quality thread finish. Kennametal products drop-ship from their warehouse in Cleveland straight to our customers. Kennametal is the only source in the metalworking industry from where you can get all types of hole finishing tooling, from reaming and fine boring to motion tooling, directly from one hand.

Open the catalog to page 8.

Open the catalog to page 4. Open the catalog to page 7. Please let us know if you do not see a standard stock item with an EDP on our Web site and we will add it for you.

Contact us below to discuss your product data requirements. All other marks are the catalouge of their respective owners. Rely on Kennametal to significantly boost manufacturing competitiveness.

Click here for Kennametal SelectKennametal quality at deep discount prices!

Max Tool Product Offering: We can export our product attributes, including detailed product information, pricing, images and marketing content to meet any of your product data requirements.