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Image of Hyphessobrycon eques (Jewel tetra). Hyphessobrycon eques Etymology: Hyphessobrycon: Greek, hyphesson, -on, -on = a little smaller + Greek. Characin fish guide for Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques profile, Red Minor Tetra Facts, pictures and description, Serpae Tetra care, habitat, and lifespan. Descriptions and articles about the Jewel Tetra, scientifically known as Hyphessobrycon eques in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehensive.

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They don’t bother any of the other fish including the fry. Serpae Tetra are usually fine in a community aquarium, but they are not always easy to get along with. The babies ALL survived.

This, in turn, can stress shy or gentle tankmates. Most typically inhabits still and sluggish tributaries and backwaters, including ponds and small lakes, where it forms aggregations around patches of marginal vegetation or submerged tree roots. Maximum Standard Length 30 — 40 mm. Yhphessobrycon like colder water.

Serpae tetra – Wikipedia

You be the judge do they look happy or not?! Filtering through peat moss can also be helpful. A small, air-powered sponge filter is needed for filtration and gentle water movement. Although these fish are easy to care for, they do have some traits that are less then ideal and can make them a poor choice for tanks with passive inhabitants.

They will generally do better and show off their best colors in soft, neutral to slightly acidic water. Any way to tame these once calm fish?

Nate – I added 4 Red Serpa Tetras to my 75 gallon tank and they started of shoaling together very well. Views Read Edit Hyphessobryocn history. DeSalle, – Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 36 1: Generally keep serpraes in a species only tank as then they won’t nip other fishes. Equex Tetra – Quick Aquarium Care. The Loach was depressed in my oppinion for the last couple years after his original hyphessorycon mate got big and I moved him up to a bigger tank.


Some none aggressive barbs and tetras may pester a goldfish by making them as an itch object. I was successful breeding platys and guppies only because I removed the mother after dropping the babies. The names Blood Tetra and Blood Characin are more curious. Choose males that are the most colorful. He concluded that Hyphessobrycon sensu stricto should be restricted to a monophyletic group of 24 species which share the unambiguous synapomorphy of the Weberian apparatus being orientated dorso-horizontally though the dorsal margin of the operculum with other defining characters comprising a black spot in the dorsal-fin and lack of hypgessobrycon lateral-line except in some specimens of H.

A biotope tank is preferred by the Serpae Tetra. Andrea – Hi, my name is andrea, I have 13 fish in all in my 35 gallon tank.

Characiformes is among the most diverse orders of freshwater fishes currently including close to valid species distributed among 19 families. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. Then I kept the last three in my aquarium for almost two years.

Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques, Red Minor Tetra, Jewel Tetra

Hyphessobdycon Breeding Freshwater Fish: Warren E Burgess, Dr. I got 3 guppies, 2 mickeymouse, 1 color tetra, 1 black moor, 1cat fish, 1 algae, Specimen from the Danish aquarium trade. Sexual Dimorphism Sexually mature females are noticeably rounder-bodied and a little larger than males.


This fish is quickly recognized as a Red Minor Tetra while these other names have more of a story. A few hiding places would be appreciated. If any aggression is seen in the fish, it is usually among conspecifics, especially if they are kept in large groups where they can establish a pecking order a behavior similar to Puntius tetrazona.

Hyphessobrycon eques Steindachner The Blue shark was being a major bully to my new friend! Keep the tank dimly lit with bunches of fine-leaved plants, such as Myrophyllum, java moss, or artificial spawning grass, so the female has a place hyphesosbrycon deposit the eggs.

Please help I’m getting a headache Jeremy Roche – Try setting up hyphessobryccon sinle species tanks with it. It is either you keep goldfishes which mixes well with koi, live hyphessobrcyon or you have the tetras and babs with some cichlids.

Serpae Tetra

A number of common names are used to describe this decorative tetra. Common to these fish is a ‘sputtering’ or ‘twitching’ style of swimming, in which their movements seem more spastic as opposed to other fish. A 10 inch OscarSmall tetras need a gallon tank, Large Tetra species need gallons at the very least. A mature female’s belly will become nicely rounded when she is full of ewues.