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Human Diagnostics – HumaLyzer Convertible and versatile., Due to its low minimum reaction volume of µL the HumaLyzer is ideal for. Humalyzer Semi-Automatic Photometer with large display. Product Information. Wavelengths , , , , , nm and free pasitions; Total of. Service Technicians Clinical Lab Forum Humalyzer Service And Operator Manual RUI SANTOS Ministery of Health – Cabo Verde Hi.

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The advantages of PET blood collection are obvious: Sample barcode reading for secure, automatic sample identi-fication is standard on the larger instruments. HumaNex A1c enables a quick, fully automated and reliable quality-analysis of HbA1c in whole or diluted blood.


Dedicated vacuum and non-vacuum sample tubes using a minimum whole blood sample complete the system. It helps laboratories ensure that manua test results are precise, reliable and comparable, irrespective of where in the world they are obtained. Tests are designed and manufactured according to the high European quality standards and provide rapid and accurate results.

Each analyzer offers different features for different requirements. If you need state-ofthe-art, ergonomically designed and highly accurate pipettes, then the HumaPette Smart-Line is your perfect option! In the early days of venous blood collection, glass tubes were the only collection container available. Controls and Calibrators for all systems are available on a regular ordering schedule. Last but not least HUMAN provides a micro-particle enhanced immunologic D-Dimer assay for diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis of the leg, pulmonary embolism or certain cancers.


The most important clinical application of tumor markers is the monitoring of cancer once it has been detected. English, Spanish optional or Russian optional Up to numalyzer out of 12 different wavelengths nm: An external PS2 keyboard allows for a more convenient input of patient data and transfer to LIS eases handling.

Molecular assays are able to identify viruses, bacteria and parasites more rapidly with higher sensitivity and specificity than traditional methods. Today, the clinical performance of plastic PET blood collection tubes is equivalent or even better compared to glass tubes.

Sample barcode reading for secure, automatic sample identification is standard on the larger instruments. HumaCount 5L Laser offers an automatic sample loader for up to sample tubes to humalyzrr laboratory efficiency with full automation.

The photometer can be equipped individually with up to 8 out of 12 different filters. Street address Max-Plank-Ring 21. The HumaSensplus and HumaSens2.

Humalyzer Chemistry Analyzer – Buy Chemistry Analyzer Product on

HumEQAS allows laboratories to regularly evaluate their performance by measuring blinded samples of control sera as if they were patient samples. HumaTrol N Lyophilised bovine serum, target values mainly in the normal range, assayed 6 x 5 ml With four channels, the instrument covers the most commonly used fluorescence dyes.


HumEQAS will be extended subsequently with more parameters and methodologies. Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Results available in 5 minutes. The compact semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as backup solutions. HUMAN provides humakyzer broad range of reliable, state-of-the-art assays for the diagnosis of infections with viral, bacterial and parasitic agents.

English, Spanish, Russian and French Up to 8 out of mqnual different wavelengths nm: Reaction Cuvettes pcs. Dengue, Chagas, Manul Tumor Markers Careful interpretation of tumor marker results have led to a substantial increase in their clinical significance.

Offering 60 channels and three different measuring temperatures HumaLyzer Primus is also suitable for many life science applications. Additionally, the easy-to-use kits offer a high reliability due to the usage of an internal control. All reagents msnual the high European IVD quality standards.