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There is a way! But only if you haven’t saved the document already. Right after you fill or check a box you didn’t intend to, type Ctrl-Z. That’s it!. The majority of the forms make use of the most fundamental form fields, such as simple text fields, radio buttons and check boxes. Once again, please remember. Whenever the form runs on the desktop or Trimble the boxes are checked. I want the default set to uncheck. I typed in “False” in the default.

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Unchecking radio-boxes in a pdf with restricted security Ask Question. When the cursor changes from the hand tool to the hand pointer, click your left mouse button to check the box.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I do not want any buttons checked! Do what Fred says from inside the JavaScript debugger console. Can we migrate this to superuser?

Uncheck All Radio Buttons on a PDF Form

Do any of the following in the Content Control Properties box:. Check Boxes Check boxes are used on forms for lists of items in which more than one item can be selected. Here is how I solve the problem and it proves uncheckk be very effective. Another possibility is that the form creator added some scripting not very likely. March 13, at You add an extra radio button to the set. Expand your Office skills. Please specify a reason:. Even though you aa 7yrs ago, know that your advice is still quite useful.


Go ho to the very beginning, Stephen R, May 25, This is insane that you have to go to this length to do something that should be so simple. If a form field is active e. July 1, at 2: When unheck the blank form, however, I want all of the options to be blank.

Sign up using Facebook. Form Fields with a limited number of characters Some form fields have been configured to accept a maximum number of characters. However, Once I preview the form online and check a box I can not uncheck if I’ve made a mistake. Thanks Adobe, for thinking this through. And my criticism still stands sound unchwck a little bit of short-coming in Adobe Acrobat’s design not to take this situation into account.

I was about to lose my ever loving mind! George- Thanks for the help.

There is a way! By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. What about the Clear Form menu option?


I too was wondering how to clear all the boxes that I clicked on when trying out the form. March 7, at 5: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these fillablf.

How do UNcheck a checkbox in a form? | GeoNet

I can check another box and that works fine, but just can’t clear uncheck a box I have already checked other than an undo.

May 12, at 4: November 19, at 6: What am I missing?

The arrow pointer allows you to select a s, a check box, a radio button, or an item from a list To accept the field change and go to the next fieldpress [TAB] or use your mouse to click on the next form field. The text begins and ends within the box provided. You can make those and other changes. Post as a guest Name.