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La disfunción respiratoria es frecuente en niños con cardiopatías congénitas acianóticas con hiperflujo pulmonar (CCAHP), sin embargo, se conoce muy poco . Introduccion: tradicionalmente los lactantes portadores de cardiopatias con hiperflujo pulmonar, bajo peso e infecciones respiratorias, eran sometidos a cirugia. Hiperflujo e hipertensión venocapilar pulmonar. from publication: “Criss – cross with atrioventricular concordance and ventriculoarterial discordance” clinical.

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Pulmonary embolism mortality in the United States. As mentioned before, studies investigating the pulmonary parenchyma of children without cardiorespiratory diseases with computed tomography are lacking; however, Vieira et al.

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Those anomalies in the formation of the heart occur during intra-uterine life and include a large variety of cardiocirculatory malformations, ranging from patent ductus uplmonar to absence of interatrial and interventricular septi. Paired Student t test or Wilcoxon test were used to compare the left and right lungs.

This phenomenon, associated pulmonaf the muscular relaxation caused by anesthetic agents, is responsible for the frequent atelectasis formation in the left lower lobe in children undergoing surgeries to correct congenital cardiopathies 18, Exercise performance is unaffected by age at hiiperflujo.

Clinical outeome and risk factors in a large prospective cohort study. Services on Demand Journal. The volumes of air and tissue were measured according to the method described by Puybasset et al. La edad mediana fue de 20 meses y el peso fue de 9,9 kg.


To conclude, children with acyanotic congenital cardiopathy with pulmonary hyperflow have an increase in the volume of pulmonary tissue greater than expected in normal conditions. In children with acyanotic congenital cardiopathy the foramen huperflujo and ductus arteriosus remain patent, or the defects in the interatrial septum, interventricular septum, or atrioventricular septum are not closed perpetuating the fetal circulation described 3,8. Hoperflujo also has been accurately recorded that the volume of air in the left lung is proportionally smaller than in the right lung due to the compression exerted by the heart, whose size is increased, and other mediastinal structures.

La base del tratamiento lo constituye el uso de anticoagulantes.

Thurlbeck WM – Lung growth and alveolar multiplication. Respiratory dysfunction is common in children with acyanotic congenital heart defects ACHD with pulmonary hyperflow; however, little is known about the pulmonary structure of those patients.

Eur Heart J, ; Children with acyanotic congenital hierflujo and pulmonary hyperflow have left-to-right shunt with mixture of arterial blood from the systemic circulation with the venous blood from the pulmonary circulation. Eur Respir J, ;8: Unfortunately, it is impossible to separate the blood and pulmonary extravascular water components.

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View in Source Cite this paper. Julio de Aceptado: Hemodynamic effeets of fluid loading in acute massive pulmonary embolism. Julio de Correspondencia: After approval by the Ethics Committee of the institution and signing of an informed consent, hiprflujo children with ACHD with pulmonary hyperflow underwent computed tomographies of the chest.

On the other hand, despite normal peripheral saturation of hemoglobin, a considerable fraction of the pulmonary parenchyma was poorly aerated. Despite ppulmonar on the knowledge of the physiology of pulmonary circulation in this population 2,3little is known on the structure and distribution of air in the pulmonary parenchyma of children with acyanotic congenital cardiopathy with pulmonary hyperflow.


The mean weight of the pulmonary parenchyma was After placement of a new systemic to pulmonary shunt, the patient was removed from support and the oxygenator drained of residual blood. Total pulmonary volume TPV was All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Resp Med ; Figure 1 shows a representative CT scan of the chest of a child with congenital cardiopathy with pulmonary hyperflow. The pulmonary volume was computed adding the total number of voxels elemental volume unit of computed tomography whose dimensions were known in all areas of pulmonary delineation in different contiguous images.

Obstruction of the pulmonary artery or one of its branches gets incremented the resistance and the pulmonary arterial pressure, and consequently leads to increased right ventricular afterload. Saint Louis, Mosby – Year Book, As can be seen on the left panel hiperfljjo Figure 2the mean total lung volume was