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Synonym(s). Helostoma temmincki Cuvier Taxonomic Notes: The taxonomic status of populations from parts of the species range require confirmation. Common name: Pink Kissing Gourami, Pink Gourami, Kissing Gourami. Scientific name: Helostoma Temminckii. Average Adult Fish Size: 12 inches / 30 cm. Helostoma temmincki or Helostoma temminckii. Common Names. Kissing fish, pink kissing gourami, green kisser. Family, Helostomatidae.

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Anabantoidei, Channoidei of Sumatra, Indonesia. As the fish do not build nests, lettuce leaves placed on the water surface serve as a spawning medium. Overall their personality can be variable, some peaceful, others truly aggressive, and in the authors opinion they are oversold as suitable for community. Sell images Our Blog.

Kissing Gourami

This rasping action, which to humans looks superficially like kissing, is also used by males to challenge the dominancy of conspecifics. These adaptations also mean it must not be offered very large food items as it cannot crush and swallow them.

Mouth detail; helkstoma form. A female starts mating and the male temmincmii shed the eggs and sperm to the outside. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The relative lack of adults seen in the hobby no doubt reflects these points to a certain extent since thousands of specimens are sold each year but few appear to survive long-term.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The long-based dorsal 16—18 spinous rays, 13—16 soft and anal fins 13—15 spinous rays, 17—19 soft mirror each other in length and frame the body. They are buoyant helosoma float during the short incubation period of hours with the fry free-swimming after another 48 hours or so. Initial helostomw is rapid: Most plants will not survive the fish’s grazing, so inedible plants such as Java fernJava mossor plastic plants are recommended.


Maximum Standard Length — mm. The intramandibular joint divides the jaw into remminckii independent elements so that it increases the degrees of freedom and the potential number of ways of getting food.

Separate the pair for a few days before transferring them to the spawning tank. Kissers of both sexes will often spar by meeting mouths and pushing each other through the water.

Feeds on a variety of plants and animals, including green algae and zooplankton Ref.

Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: The most distinctive feature of the kissing gourami is its mouth. You must be logged helostima to post a comment. Many end up in species tanks with a compatible mate out of necessity, or moved to temmincmii cichlid communities in larger bodies of water where they represent a less significant danger to other fish.

Pink Kissing Gourami — Helostoma Temminckii. Launch the Aquatic Species Distribution map viewer.

Pink Kissing Gourami – Helostoma Temminckii | Tropical Fish Site

teminckii Adult females are rounder-bellied than males when full of eggs but hhelostoma there are no confirmed external differences. Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim.

Such habitats generally support a wide diversity of fishes. Juvenile of pink form. Summary page Point data Common names Photos. This is presumably due to a lack of profitability involved in raising huge numbers of fry with a poor sell-on value and the time required for subadults to become sexually maturethe latter supposedly occurring when they measure around mm SL.


The lettuce will eventually host bacteria and infusoria upon which the fish will feed. Helostoma temminkii can become the host tosome parasitic algal species.

Can be kept alive in markets for prolonged periods.

Kissing gourami

Subadult of pink form. This one is from Thailand.

Other than being terminal forward-facing rather than superior upward-facing as in other gourami families, the kissing gourami’s mouth is highly protrusible as its family name suggests, the lips are lined with temmunckii teeth. Fish Plants Shrimp Snails Frogs.

helosyoma Reproduction One of the few anabantoids, alongside members of the genera Anabas and Ctenopomanot to exhibit parental care. One of the few anabantoids, alongside members of the genera Anabas and Ctenopomanot to exhibit parental care. Habitat This species exhibits a preference for slow-moving or standing waters including floodplain lakes, oxbows, backwaters and swamps, and is particularly associated with black and clear water habitats around beds of submerged vegetation.

The eggs, which the adults do not guard, are spherical, smooth, and buoyant. In the aquarium, breeders have also produced a “dwarf” or “balloon pink” variety, which is a mutated strain of the pink gourami that are offered to hobbyists.