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Sufiah’s story seems to have been the inspiration for Nikita Lalwani’s first novel, “ Gifted.” Here the driven father, Mahesh, is a mathematician. The over-arching theme of this first novel by Nikita Lalwani, who was born in India but raised in Wales, is about families and what they do to. Rumi Vasi is 10 years, 2 months, 13 days, 2 hours, 42 minutes, and 6 seconds old. She’s figured that the likelihood of her walking home from school with the boy .

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But despite their best efforts to step around these clich? And it helped me assess my extreme This was a really haunting story about a girl whose parents are from India, and how they push her to become a child prodigy in math. I have to say Nikita has brushed through so many issues, loneliness in a new country, the quintessential confused child balancing two cultures, parenting, without forgetting that which is core to niklta story. Rumi’s daily life from the young age of 5 is not unlike a bootcamp.

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani | : Books

She secretly resents her father’s “unbearable scrutiny on her life”, his ability to “descend into the Dark Ages at will”, and in desperation calls simply to hear another person’s voice. And there was nothing that could be considered an active plot; character studies have a tendency to bore me.

I realize that my disappointment with the novel stems from broken expectations. Had to think about this book for a while before writing my review. The trouble is, her father doesn’t know, or care, what the difference is.

Much of the book is set through her childhood and early teenage years including a crush on a fellow chess player and on her cousin in one of two trips back to India — a country which somehow seems to energise her. Did the Booker Jury recognize this book as something special because it was about Indians and not Caucasians?

Shreene, Rumi’s mother, resentfully accepts the household dominance of Rumi’s studies while worrying about how to raise her to be a proper young Indian woman. Also, I sure wouldn’t hand a year-old a book with the “c” word in it I thought this book was very inspirational. Although her parents truly believe they are doing the right thing, bringing her natural ability into the forefront, they are also stifling the child within.


Nov 07, Jennifer rated it liked it. The language is really lovely, but for some reason— either it’s not a good fit for audio or I just wasn’t in the mood listening— I couldn’t get into it as an audiobook; I kept having to re-listen to sections because I’d zoned out. Ho Perhaps because I am a teacher, this book raised issues I’d long thought about but never followed through to their reasonable end At age 5, Rumi is clearly thinking in math. However, she knows her age down to the seconds.

However, children need more than being force fed curriculum. Unfortunately, I rather disagree with this assessment. Dec 16, Kathryn rated it it was ok Shelves: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Freedom by numbers

Of course, this relationship becomes more complicated—seedier, if you like, as she goes through adolescence and her belief structure morphs into something more ambiguous. If you want an insight into an Indian ‘immigrant’ family’s way of living, this is an enjoyable and frustrating read.

It is this tension between competing versions of freedom that is explored in Nikita Bj charming rite-of-passage novel.

Would this have been the same gigted if Rumi was not from India? Above all, it has a wonderfully bittersweet charm and for that reason Desmond Elliott would have loved it. She endures moments of “sudden desolation” in this strange and judgmental place. In the library, when her father assumes she giftsd studying equations, she is in fact reading fiction, her mind filled with longing and loneliness.

Siri Hustvedt and Doris Lessing would be amongst the others.

I think this book was truly an outstanding book that shows the story of a girl trying giifted do her own thing rather than what her parents expect of her. I expected to like this book.



I think this is the kind of book that will resonate more with people who can relate to having the kind of parents who dismiss and push away the hopes and dreams of a child in order to load the child’s shoulders with their own hopes and dreams, loudly protesting whenever the child voices even the quietest whimper of dissent.

Nikita has captured the Indian family of the 80’s very well. The potential reconciliation suggested by her agreement to meet with her mother seemed gratuitous, though. Hours upon hours alone at the library, studying before dinner. And why was she so surprised that he and his daughter could string numbers together with reasonable panache? Her mother who until then was crazy, overwrought and belonged in an asylum.

Gifted by Nikita Lalwani

I quite enjoyed this novel and found all the characters quite believable as well as likable “in their own way” so to speak. Once she’s tasted freedom, and the potent possibilities of affection – from, of all things, a young Muslim boy – a showdown with her parents is inevitable. And yet, even though she can complete a Rubik’s Cube in Rumi’s parents are Indian immigrants, and their isolation from the society around them particularly lxlwani father’s almost neurotic mistrust and need to prove nijita contribute to the tense atmosphere and obsession with academic success.

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A novel about a gifted girl with driven parents. Rumi, daughter of Indian immigrants in s Wales, is a gifted child. If you know me, that’s one of the things I dislike most in a book!

Did you feel any similar pressures growing up in Cardiff? Early in the book, when Rumi is only 5, her teacher insists on visiting her parents at home to announce the exciting news that “Rumi is a gifted mathematician!