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narrative fiction.1 For my part, reflecting on metalepsis has led me to an extension and a critique of the brief section in Narrative Discourse where Gérard Genette. Metalepsis was first identified and defined by the literary theorist Gérard Genette who wrote within the context of the Structuralist movement. When Gérard Genette coined the term “metalepsis” in the fifth chapter (on. “Voice ”) of his Discours du récit, he defined it as “any intrusion by the extradiegetic.

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In my mind metaepsis memories of my childhood, with Mum singing every morning, her voice ringing out. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ohio State Metapepsis, 94— Narratology beyond Literary Criticism: Create an automatic citation reference by selecting the relevant passage in the article with your mouse, then copy and paste the reference from this text box.

It is with subsequent and more differentiated developments that the scope and import of this narrative practice that goes against the grain of codified narratological categories has come to be more fully appreciated. Exploring the transmedial dimensions of metalepsis poses the challenge, as the above proposals show, of rethinking narrative metalepsis so as to accommodate the features of visual and performance media, for which the language-based story-discourse distinction is metapepsis well adapted.

Gejette, Shlomith [] This suggests the need for further work on the rhetorical dimension of metalepsis, possibly in conjunction with pragmatics and the theory of argumentation. In a proposal that partly metalspsis across the above models, Pier Theoretical Semiotics on the Web. Read the following excerpt, taken from the first chapter of Jacques the Fatalist by Denis Diderot trans.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Thus metalepsis, being paradoxical, is more likely to be cultivated by the baroque, by romanticism or by certain types of modernism than by mimetically inclined classicism or realism, much as it shows a greater propensity for the comic and the ironic than it does for the tragic or the lyric cf. Variations in speed within a narrative can show the relative importance assigned to different events in the story. For the moth subgenus Metalepsis, see Cerastis.


Narratology Beyond Literary Criticism, ed. La fiction, suites et variations. There have also been proposals to refer narrative metalepsis back to metalepsis as use of an inappropriate synonym, notably by Meyer-Minnemann Meyer-Minnemann, Klaus The foolish no more than the wise Have their fantasies; daydreams hold the sweetest prize. There are three degrees of narrative distance used in this fable, making the narrator seem at times very involved in his narrative, and at times completely absent.

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Metalepsis – the living handbook of narratology

Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik. I will never be able to look at my family and friends in the same way; surely I will become contentious and distant.

One of the most thoroughly enjoyable constructions of enigmatic worlds within worlds is Nabokov’s Pale Fire Explore the wordlist of this article with Voyeur Tools. The mistress of this wealth, with mournful eye taking leave 25 Of her fortune thus tossed away, Begged her husband to forgive, Instead of beating her that very day.

Primary tabs View active tab Revisions. The narrator tells what is going to happen at some future time.

Exterior Metalepsis

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This dimension of metalepsis opens up issues of transtextual relations cf. For example, one could have a hero-narrator autodiegetic narrator who uses simultaneous narration and internal focalization and whose speech is often in reported form.

Examining the issues through the possible worlds approach to fiction and emphasizing the relations between narrative worlds rather than hierarchical metalepdis, she observes the tendency in the latter approach, which is focused largely on ontological metalepsis, to stress the fusion of worlds, thereby effacing the boundary between fact and fiction, a tendency favored, in part, by expanding study of the phenomenon to the various media.


The story generally metalepss to a series of events and actions that are told by someone the narratorand represented in some final form, producing a narrative. Ahmed Rashed marked it as to-read Oct 30, The fact that as a metalepsls it can now be theorized and applied according to definable criteria casts a new light on the theory and analysis of narrative mefalepsis, more generally, on representation as a cultural phenomenon.

Moreover, the effects will vary widely according to the media and combinations of media in which metaleptic devices are employed e. Affirming the indisputably transmedial quality of metalepsis, Hanebeck, following a different line of reasoning, focuses on how this phenomenon resists the narrative structuration of hermeneutic understanding by denying the logical and pragmatic rules that govern the act of narration.

The approach advocated here clearly addresses a level that lies below the threshold of interpretation, and as such, it constitutes a solid foundation, complementing other research being metalepdis in the social sciences, e. The Languages of Storytelling. Finally, these movements pertain both in external metalepsis between the extradiegetic and the intradiegetic levels and in internal metalepsis occurring between two levels within the story itself; cf.

If the narrator lets signs of his presence appear in the narrative he is recounting, he may acquire a particular status, depending on the way the story is rendered.

Metalepsis | Narrative and Memory

Any time we have a narrative, this role detachment is assumed by the narrator, whether present in the text or not. This kind of narration often takes the form of a dream or prophecy. Within the main plot, the author can gedard other short embedded narratives, told by other narrators from other narrative perspectives.