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Tehnici de biolo gie moleculară – principii şi ap licaţii practice 7 V.1 Metoda chimică F. () Genetica microorganismelor şi inginerie genetică microbiană. Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Secţiunea Genetică şi Biologie Moleculară, TOM X, CONTENT. Elena Truţă, Ştefania Surdu. (cursuri de zi) (4 semestre): Domeniul specializării: BIOLOGIE – Conservarea biodiversității; – Biotehnologii microbiene și celulare; – Genetică moleculară;.

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Influence of the attack of the fungus Polystigma rubrum pers. In vitro multiplication of Jovibarba sobolifera Author s: Effect of microwave on the dynamics of some oxidoreductase enzymes in Brassica napus germination seeds Author s: Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization aCGH between basic research and clinical diagnostic Author s: Microbiological and technological investigations concerning the obtaining ergosterol from yeasts Author s: Nutritional value of Rosa spp.

Computer-based modeling for sugar preferences of an oxidoreducatse from Arthrobacter nicotinovorans Pao1 plasmid Author s: Modulation of the captopril interference with the activity of some enzymatic biomolecules in monkey kidney vero cells by drug delivery mesoporous silica system Author s: Cervical neoplasia case studies Author s: Study of some biochemical parameters in the grass carp Author s: The small heat shock proteins structure in Carassius gibelio and Oncorhynchus mykiss Author s: Studies on catalase and peroxidase activity in Phanerochaete chrysosporium Burds.

  ASTM F1136 PDF

The preliminary cytogenetic investigations in Rana ridibunda Pall.

Molecular approaches to bivalve population studies: Effects of treatment with different concentrations of nicotin solution, on a back-mutated Drosophila melanogaster population Author mpleculara Some cytogenetic effects induced in barley by the treatments mooeculara hydroalcoholic rosemary extract Author s: Steps in uncovering the key enzyme in the degradation of the pyridine ring in the Arthrobacter molefulara Author s: Effects of plant growth regulators on seedlings elongation and on cytogenetic parameters in Hordeum vulgare L.

Physiological effects induced by the hydroalcoholic extract of Violae tricoloris herba wild pansy aerial parts on Triticum aestivum L Author s: Karyotype traits in Rosa nitidula Besser Author s: Optimization and comparative evaluation of nucleic acids extraction protocols Author s: Investigations regarding the anthropic impact on the Krebs cycle dehydrogenases system on certain wood-species in mining areas, Suceava county Author s: Absolute power corrupts absolutely: Moleculaga of two parasitic wasps of the family Encyrtidae Hymenoptera: Impact of tillage systems on the microbiota of cambic chernozem soils in the moldavian plateau Author s: Oxidative stress and its impact on biochemical parameters of patients with hepato-cellular affections Author s: The analysis of cytochrome b sequence for Carassius gibelio Bloch.

Ionela Daciana Mierlici Volume: On the cellular respiration of some culture cyprinids exposed to wintering Author s: Biochemical changes in the multiple myeloma Author s: Kelly Wormwood Armand G. Tutu Elena Elena Ciornea Volume: Biochemical investigations on Rana ridibunda Pall. Andreea Andrei Marius Mihasan Volume: The limits of pap smear in diagnosing preinvasive cervical neoplasias Author s: Molecule phylogenetic analysis of gene encoding aspartate aminotransferase Author s: Influence of the antiectoparasitary treatment on cellular respiration of some cultured cyprinid species Author s: The contents variations of the carotenoid pigments and total lipids in seabuckthorn false fruit and fruit Author s: Studies regarding the influence of certain inorganic pollutants on the quality of the soil from mining areas in Suceava county Author s: Water supply quality for use infood and for cleaning Author s: Reproducibility and dose dependency of the antitumoral pharmacodynamic effect of some autochthonous polysaccharidic or polyphenolic biopreparations of fungal and vegetal origin Author s: Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria can inhibit the in vitro germination of Glycine max L.