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Fruiting body puffball-shaped at first, cm wide, the peridium splitting into 5 to 8 rays yielding a final diameter of approximately 5 cm.; rays, thick, fleshy. Geastrum saccatum Fr., Systema Mycologicum 3: 16 () [MB#]. Common Name. Rounded Earthstar. Family. Geastraceae. Notes. Fungus to 5cm across. Wikipedia description:

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It is a small but beautiful mushroom that features a round spore case sitting atop a star with arms.

Common Name

Galerina marginatathe Deadly Galerina 3 years ago. Encyclopedia of Life EOL. Usually, the ring is lighter in color than the cone and the sphere. Agaricus bisporus 13 Sep, Presumably, this study was prompted by people either using the mushroom medicinally or having a desire to use the mushroom medicinally.

To even consider eating it, you have to get very young fruiting bodies without open arms and that have not begun to produce spores. Lepista nudaThe Blewit 30 Nov, Cryphonectria parasiticaChestnut Blight 15 Sep, University of Iowa Press. Unlike some other members of the genus Geastrum such as Geastrum fornicatum the arms do not push the basidiocarp off the ground; rather, it lies flat.

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This website contains no information about the saccarum or toxicity of mushrooms. Unlike the Barometer Earthstar Astraeus hygrometricusthe arms of G. Earthstars like Geastrum triplex and Geastrum saccatum have four to ten points and the gleba remains nestled in a small bowl at the center of the star. The mushroom is 2 to 5 centimetres 0.

Catalogue of Life CoL. Several species of Geastrum are very similar, however, so precise identification should rely on the following features:. For practical reasons we have decided not to translate all pages in several languages anymore because it was too geeastrum to maintain but some of the labels of the basic and advanced query pages are still available.

See below for more information. Microglossum viridethe Green Earth Tongue 2 years ago Characteristics of Phylum Ascomycota. Matches exactly Value is undefined. The spherical part of the earthstar contains the spores, which escape via a pore in the middle of the cone. Earthstars — Fungus Fact Friday.

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# Geastrum saccatum – Fungus Fact Friday

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California Fungi: Geastrum saccatum

The most problematic of these Hyphal growth both submerged and aerial. If you cut open the spherical part in a young specimen, the interior will be white and solid.

Google Wikimedia Saccathm Wikispecies. Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Although it decomposes plant debris and is often found around stumps, it does not grow directly on coarse woody debris logs and the like.

It is considered inedible by mushroomers because of its bitter taste. The opening of the outer layer of the fruiting body in the characteristic star shape is thought to be due to a buildup of calcium oxalate crystals immediately prior to dehiscence.