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THE GRAIN AND FEED TRADE ASSOCIATION. GAFTA No ARBITRATION RULES Effective for Contracts dated from 1st March 20__. A note on the changes to Gafta Arbitration Rules. The new Arbitration Rules (Rules) came into effect from 1 September and have. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (“Gafta”) recently published a new edition of its Arbitration Rules No. (the “Gafta Arbitration Rules”).

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The costs of engaging legal representatives in such circumstances shall not be recoverable. Any award made in such proceedings shall, subject only to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule 10, be binding on all the parties in the string and may be enforced by an intermediate party against his immediate contracting party as though a separate award had been made pursuant to each contract.

GB Awards on Different Aspects Where the tribunal decides during the course of an arbitration to make an award dealing finally with one or more aspects of the dispute, but which leaves to be decided by the tribunal other aspect s of the dispute, it may make an award which shall be final and binding as to the aspect s with which it deals, subject to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule The Rules are widely used among traders in soft commodities who are and are not members of Gafta. Follow Please login to follow content.

The board of appeal shall, where such money has been deposited, direct in its award how and to which of the parties the amount so held shall be paid out.

The third arbitrator shall be the chairman of the tribunal so formed and his name shall be notified to the parties by GAFTA. The tribunal so appointed shall determine all matters in dispute between the parties. The fees charged by the board of appeal shall be in accordance with the scale arbirration fees laid down by the Council from time to time. Where there is no such agreement between the parties they are nevertheless free to engage legal representatives to represent them in the written proceedings but not to appear on their behalf at oral hearings.


Download Gafta Arbitrator Directory pdf. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Non-compliance with any provisions of Rule Where the parties have agreed to the appointment of a sole arbitrator, GAFTA shall appoint an arbitrator on receipt of the first statements and evidence submitted in accordance with Rule 4, or, where interlocutory or interim decisions are required of the tribunal, upon the application of either party.

Gafta will be running a series of Hot Topic Seminars rule Gafta members to highlight the changes. Generally, one year is seen by most as an acceptable commercial time limit.

Where the first tier arbitration award was made by a sole arbitrator the board of appeal will comprise of three members. The Appellant then has the right, on receipt of Respondent’s statement and documents, to issue a statement in reply. This power has also been extended to the appeal board Rule Irrespective of the time limits in ab and c above, in the event of non-payment of amounts payable, not later than 60 consecutive days from the notice that a dispute has arisen as provided for in the Payment Clause of the contract.

Landmark UK Supreme Court ruling on default clauses and damages: Upon receipt of the signed award GAFTA shall give notice to the parties named in the award that the award is at their disposal upon payment of the fees and expenses incurred by the tribunal and GAFTA.

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If the respondent does not agree to the appointment of a sole arbitrator and has instead appointed an arbitrator and given written ruoes thereof pursuant to Rule 3: If payment is not 1225 by GAFTA within 14 days from such notice, GAFTA may call upon any one or more of the parties to take up the award and in such case the party or parties so called upon shall pay the fees and expenses as directed.

A three-day training course designed to give attendees a broad understanding of contracts and the legal aspects of commodity trading. For the most part the amendments tidy up the Rules.


The main changes are as follows: Articles 19 News Service on the brokers or agents named in the contract shall be deemed proper service under these Rules. All arbitrations are adjudicated arbitratioon Gafta Qualified Arbitrators. Any decision made pursuant to this Rule shall be final, conclusive and binding.

Upon such application being made, GAFTA will appoint an arbitrator on behalf of the party who has failed to do so, and give notice of the name of the arbitrator appointed to the parties.

The new provision also arbltration a formula for assessing such costs.

Gafta Arbitration Rules

The appointment of arbitrators shall be in accordance with Rule 3. In the age of long chains, this is a sensible provision – one Paranagua case alone that we are handling involves a chain of over 50 parties. The changes have been made to address a number of practical concerns raised by Gafta arbitration users since the last version was released in The aim of the change is to attempt to ensure that the time limits contained in Rule 2.

Arbitration Rule fees 1st Tier Association fee: Expenses Guidelines and Claim Form for Arbitrators. The changes have been made to address a number of practical concerns which have been raised by Gafta arbitration users.

Gafta Qualified Arbitrator Status. Additionally, we offer contracting bodies an alternative to Arbitration, by using Mediation to resolve disputes.

Gafta Arbitration

Such costs, fees and expenses will normally follow the event. Where the tribunal considers that an oral hearing is necessary, the date, time and place will be arbtiration by GAFTA. An appeal involves a new hearing of the dispute and the board of appeal may confirm, vary, amend or set-aside the award of the tribunal. If the deposit is not paid within 60 days of being called for, the arbitration application will be deemed to have been waived Rule 4.