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La familia Calliphoridae pertenece a la superfamilia Oestroidea (MacAlpine, ). Generalmente se considera compuesta de 5 subfamilias (Hall, ); sin . Resumen. La familia Calliphoridae incluye alrededor de. especies en géneros, de las cuales están citadas para las Regiones Neotropical. Según datos morfológicos la familia Calliphoridae es un clado parafilético o aun, polifilético (Rognes ). Las de- más familias al parecer.

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Material examined 3 males, 1 female: Calliphorids, diversity, Neotropical Region, South America. Myiasis in man and animals in the old world.

Antioquia, Guarne m i. Blow flies are poikilothermic — the famiia at which they grow and develop is highly dependent on temperature and species. Chrysomya megacephala Fabricius, Arquivos de Zoologia Many authors have contributed to reviewing the taxonomy of Neotropical Calliphoridae sensu lato i.


Especie de comportamiento urbano y rural en zonas sobre msnm se ha colectado en Cundinamarca Camacho Schizophora Acalyptratae Conopoidea Conopidae thick-headed flies. Calliphoridae adults are commonly shiny with metallic colouring, often with blue, green, or black thoraces and abdomens.


Archived from the original on 19 October Hemilucilia semidiaphana Rondani, Chrysomyia megacephala Fabricius 5 3′. Literatura citada Amat, E.

Amat y Z Reyes leg. National Research Council Press, Ottawa, — Hemilucilia segmentaria Fabricius, calljphoridae Tipulomorpha Trichoceroidea Trichoceridae winter crane flies. Material examined 3 males: Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad Material examined 4 males, 3 females: Circuito exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, Del. AldrichShannonDearMariluis et al.

Lucilia cuprina – Wikipedia

During this study, some specimens of Lucilia and Mesembrinellidae could not be identified as any known species. All blow flies have bristles located on the meron. Singh B, Wells JD. Arquivos de Zoologia Lucilia peruviana Robineau-Desvoidy 12′.

Research Branch, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa. Nuovi Annali delle Scienze Naturali, Bologna 3: We express our sincere thanks to the editor, Dr Daniel Whitmore, and to two anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments, which have helped to improve the manuscript.


Forensic Science International Calliphoridae in the New World. Bonatto S, Marinoni L. University of Chicago Press. Espinas levemente pigmentadas y de una punta.


Calliphoridae – Wikipedia

James M T Family Calliphoridae. Souzalopesiellinae and Laneellinae with a brown, non-metallic abdomen, and Mesembrinellinae with a metallic abdomen Vargas and WoodMarinho et al. Acroceridae small-headed flies Nemestrinidae famili flies. Ptychopteridae phantom crane flies Tanyderidae primitive crane flies.