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Dentwre is some evidence for this claim, but in the case of dental education the evidence consists entirely of survey research, which does not measure behavior. Considerations on malocclusions ethiopatogeny In order to evaluate the perspective and the potential of prevention in orthodontics it is important to study the malocclusions ethiopatogeny.

Our findings provide encouraging evidence for the current context of equality of access to education and reveal the importance of financial support to maximize successful educational experiences of socioeconomically disadvantaged dental students.

Considering that, it is accepted that the increasing of the allergy frequency or higher activity of another factor which alters the functional dimension of the nasopharyngeal cavity may be correlated with a higher frequency of the specific dento—maxillary anomalies.


The choice of a career is a crucial decision that has a lifelong impact on a person’s living pattern. Job conception was cited as the primary reason for pursuing dentistry, and the students considered oral health promotion and oral disease prevention as the primary purposes of dentistry. Eighty dentate students participated as a study group and another 74 as a control group. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

WHO Health for All database. In this respect, the vicious habits, particularly those of sucking and interposition representing a part of the modern lifestyle which is reflected by the decrease of breast exaterina or other changes of the growing habits of the child, cause malocclusion, concurring to a higher frequency thereof. The results revealed that the students in the private school had more positive perceptions than those in the public school of how much the didactic classes contributed to professional anomallile, the level of motivation for the topics discussed, and how well coursework related to clinical practice.

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English Copyright of Romanian Journal of Stomatology is the property of Amaltea Medical Publishing House and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

Using anomaliilw wrong sized receptor due to the similarity of the In order to evaluate the perspective and the potential of prevention in orthodontics it is anomaliule to study the malocclusions ethiopatogeny. Click here to sign up. This and the emphasis on primary prevention of oral pathology, represent a challenge for many countries, in particular for those who are under development and those disposing of a transition economy and health system.

A survey in the form of a questionnaire was conducted of senior Each exam consisted of 10 designated periapical and anomaliilr views.

Dental Students

Orthodontics Principles and Practice. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to undergraduate dental students involved with clinical teaching. A reasonable separation of the genetic and environment effects was made possible afterwhen new genetic methods had been developed. A total of film sets and PSP sets were evaluated for technique errors, including placement, elongation, foreshortening, overlapping, cone cut, receptor bending, density, mounting, dot in apical area, and others.

Dental Students Research Papers –

By Proffit, the main types of dento—maxillary anomalies are related to the abnormal growth of the alveolar processes, of basal parts of the jaws or a combination thereof 4. Prevention and early treatment in orthodontics. The intraoral radiographic images exposed on phantoms from preclinical practical exams of dental and dental hygiene students were used. The data were analyzed using SPSS version In the next figure we present by antithesis a 30 years patient with the same type of open byte caused by tongue thrust who didn’t beneficiate of functional reeducation.


The clinical and public health research have proved that a number of individual, professional and community prevention measures are efficient in preventing most of the oral diseases. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. It is important to denare the motives of those choosing to study dentistry, because these motives may influence an individual’s level of iknescu to the profession.


Even though functional and orthopedic therapy has been given more importance, in orthodontic therapy, the accent is put on malpositioned teeth alignment, by their mechanic movements. An analysis of the factors that may interfere with the balance of the oro—facial equilibrium forces in the development of the dento—facial complex cannot exempt a group of scaterina, highly discussed during the malocclusions ethiopatogeny, known under the generic term of vicious habits.

This adjustment led to the decreasing of the mastication need, to the alteration of maxillaries growth and to the increasing of anomalies frequency 12. In this context, we must ask ourselves what are the prevention theoretical and practical coordinates in orthodontics, which measures are available or could be elaborated ioneescu preventing the dentar development.

Few negative feedbacks concerning the general learning environment were reported.

Log In Sign Up. During masticatory activity, the jaws are receiving, beside the teeth pressures, a direct pressure born from the strong contractions of the tongue, lips and cheeks.