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Various martial art injuries are briefly discussed and safety recommendations made. To our knowledge, this is the first study that attempts to measure the learning curves involved when teaching martial arts techniques.

This article explores the sensuous experience of full contact fighting through ethnographic research in mixed martial arts clubs. fioetype

martial arts program: Topics by

The aim is to score better than your opponent or to win. The current study used the data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten class ofto assess the effects of martial arts upon such outcomes as rated by classroom teachers.

Historical European Martial Art a crossroad between academic research, martial heritage re-creation and martial sport practices. Military training programs are rigorous in nature and often purposefully delivered in environments combining high levels of both physical and mental stress.

Studies within this field of research have the potential to enlighten the puzzle posed by past societies, for example in the field of history, history of science and technology, or fields related to material culture. The social-psychological outcomes of martial arts practise among youth: Experiment 1 showed that although the two athlete groups were faster in almost all conditions, karate athletes performed significantly better than nonathlete participants when stimuli were presented in the peripheral visual field.

When analysed further it was revealed that the decrease in reaction time. Christine Hughes, a health scientist with the Poxvirus and Rabies Branch at CDC, and co-author of a paper in the April issue of CDC’s journal, discusses vaccinia virus infections in a martial arts gym.


Amidst global fascination and the prevalence of male heroes in martial arts films, it is surprising to note that only a few studies engage the genre with issues of Chinese.

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Kata — The true essence of Budo martial arts? We performed such an investigation and suggest potential opportunities for prevention.

Ikkyo Aikido’s first teaching. An investigation of leg and trunk strength and reaction times of hard-style martial arts practitioners. The behavior uu let the student continue participating while outlining specific expectations for him, his…. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the regular practice of martial arts and cognitive and personality factors, such as: Martial arts are ancient forms of combat, modified for modern sport and exercise.

Each participant performed 12 maximum effort goal-directed kataa.

Understanding these injury patterns can assist with the development of discipline-specific preventive interventions. Logistic regression was used to determine odds ratios OR and confidence intervals CI. In this study, to learn the routine of Tantui, a branch of martial arts was taken as an object of research. This paper examines similarities between the goals of Aikido, a martial artand critical thinking and argues that Aikido promotes the development of thinking in its training and practice.

Performance arts and martial arts of the Far East had an intertwined history and strongly influenced each other. Full Text Available Martial arts have become one of the most popular physical activities amongst children and youth worldwide; however, there are concerns among Western parents and school administrators that including jits activities in school programs may lead to incidents of violence. Systematic review of injuries in mixed martial arts.

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Analyses included 1 multivariate logistic regression to investigate factors associated with an increased risk of sustaining a KO or TKO secondary to repetitive strikes and 2 video analysis of all KOs and TKOs secondary to repetitive strikes with descriptive statistics.


The misleading public image of the martial arts masks a rich though esoteric psychological legacy containing informative kwta for contemporary psychotherapeutic concepts and practices. Full Text Available The effect of martial arts on adolescents’ behavior, especially aggression, is controversial. We describe a rare case of non-contact knee dislocation with popliteal artery injury sustained while practising Aikido, a type of martial art. Presenting its first card in in Denver, Colorado, the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC stunned martial artists while thrilling and frightening spectators.

Notwithstanding the paucity of data, the injury incidence in MMA appears to be greater than in most, if not all, other popular and commonly practiced combat sports. The effective management of energy is an important dimension in the martial arts as well as the mental health professions. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of martial r training on IL-6 and other immunological parameters among Trinidadian subjects. From historical studies of Chinese martial arts to the performance of Indian styles, it brought together scholars, practitioner-researchers and martial artists diletype a supportive, but also scholarly, gathering — one which was both thematically open but at the same united by an exploration of the communication of embodied research and knowledge.

Previous research has demonstrated that aerobic and resistance exercise improves cognitive performance immediately following exercise. Sports can protect dynamic visual acuity from aging: Martial arts sports medicine: Benefits may be obtained regardless of the age of practice commencement. Reducing body fat by proper dietary planning will help to improve leg power.