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SUPERTASCABILI) (ITALIAN EDITION) BY DOMINIQUE LAPIERRE PDF reading routine, included this sort of this Un Arcobaleno Nella Notte (Narrativa. Buy Un arcobaleno nella notte by Dominique Lapierre, E. Klersy Imberciadori from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new . Results 49 – 64 of 64 Un Dolar Cada Mil Kilometros. October by Dominique Lapierre and Laura Paredes . Un arcobaleno nella notte (Narrativa.

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The Boer war saw much bloodshed, but the British wiped off Boer resistance and assumed overloadship for the whole of South Africa. Trivia About A Rainbow in the One of the best books of my year.

Fascinating So much history that I never knew. The scope of the book is limited Return to Book Page.

That’s why I’m reading a book on South Africa in the first place. I vaguely remember a college debate amongst friends talking about South Africa pulling out of Cricket World Cup if the referendum on Apartheid was not successful in favor of http: But the focus of book remains Apartheid and how it evolved over the years and what kind of struggle people had to endure to finally abolish it.

Jul 25, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: I think it is must read for those interested in history of apartheid. He may not be telling the entire story, but as an introduction to the country’s history – it is a very readable book. Helen Libermann was a speech therapist who transformed herself into a social worker with the mission to emancipate black neighborhoods from the chronic problems like illiteracy, health, hygiene and empowerment of women.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The history is by no means impartial, Lapierre communicates his own points of view throughout the text. Deeply religious and regular church goers, the Boers, as they were called, were diehard racists who believed in the supremacy of the white race over all others.

I do wish there had been less hagiography and more, for instance, about the Zulu nationalist movement to the North, which opposed the African National Congress, and the criminal elements that flourished in the slums in the context of rampant soul-crushing poverty; it is in THOSE elements, it seems to me, that South Africa’s contemporary troubles have their origin. Jan 27, David Gwin rated it really liked it. What is it that I am doing for humanity?


But I found the overdone prose in certain sections to be somewhat insulting. To summarize, this is how the South Africans orginiated. The frequent migrations generated a spirit of fellowship. This is because on April 6,three ships stopped on the tip of Africa, which was later known as Cape Town. The author has really made reading of history interesting for many subjects and even in this book, he has traced the history through hundreds of years from the time when Dutch came first to South Africa to create a stopover for their ships going to Asia.

One photograph which impressed me was one where a black man and woman where walking next to each other, and the man was carrying a boy who was dead, with a bloody mouth. The British slowly annexed territories that were developed by Afrikaners. But the draconian laws they put in place that effectually treated blacks like animals prevent humanists from extending sympathy to the Afrikaners.

In ogni caso lo consiglio a c Molto interessante: They conquered the Cape Town to prevent it from falling on French hands. Apr 01, solo rated it liked it Shelves: This is a good book to start if one wants to understand the history of the geographical area that we call South Africa. Books by Dominique Lapierre. As usual to his style, the author has also talked about some of the good work that was done by some white people during all these years and that only highlights that in any race there are always bad and good people and these good people act as rainbow in the dark and keep the hope alive.

Un arcobaleno nella notte : Dominique Lapierre :

Lapierre hits too hard on the same old messages of martyrdom, which makes this book not an effective history. Jan 10, Sudha rated it really liked it. It’s not intended that way, sure.

Dominique Lapierre, who needs no introduction, has told the story of how South Africa was born and the inhuman racial segregation made deep scars on its social life.


Reading this book with the Civil Rights Movement in the back of my head, I realized what horrible ways blacks have b I really enjoyed reading this book – I realized as I started that I knew nothing about the history of South Africa. After 3 centuries of wars – over sovereignty, native tribes, foreign gold and diamond seekers, and the British army, the resulting regime created an apartheid nation.

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It pains me slightly to give this book four stars, because while parts of it are amazing, and all of it tells an amazing story, too much of it tells an amazing story in overwrought, hand-wringing fashion. For someone unfamiliar with the country’s history, the author left many questions unanswered. But this detour takes some interest out of the main narrative. One of the many interesting finds is the nnotte of the claim put forward by Afrikaners on the country of South Africa. Lapierre covers the nell activity of the country, and then shares vigne This book gave an engaging overview of the history of South Africa.

Taking theological justification for the practice of slavery from the Bible, the Boers strictly separated the races with the blacks and the coloured people treated as sub-humans. Be the first to ask a question about A Rainbow in the Night. The struggle the black South Africans, Mandela included, went through is amazing.

On jotte next page however, a curiosity awaited me.

A seal in indelible blue ink proclaimed that the passport is valid for travel to any country except the Republic of South Africa.

But Lapierre doesn’t give us a good picture of what was happening in the rest of the country. The more adventurous ones travelled up to the north, following the herds. Moreover, there were people that wanted to change this world to become better. En otros lugares no perdonamos a miles. What would happen if my uncle happens to land at the border post of South Africa while on his journey and which is to be traversed to reach his designation?