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Procedures of DoD R, “Procedures Governing the Activities Purpose: In accordance with the authority in DoD Directive Key Orders, Directives, and Regulations. • Executive Order • DoD Directive • DoD R. • Supplemented by. DTM Directive , and rep1aces the November 30, version of DoD -R. It is app1icab1e to a11 DoD inte11igence components.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Persons outside DoD investigative jurisdic- tion. Information may be col- lected about a United States person that arises out of a lawful personnel security investigation.

Cited in procedure 5240.1-r, section C. He may do so only when securing the prior approval of persons described in section C. An organization within the United Stat es means all organizations physically located within the geograph- ical boundaries of the United States whether or not they constitute a United States person.

Such activities may incidentally involve the collection of information concerning United States persons without their consent, or may involve communications originated or intended for receipt in the United States, without the consent of a party thereto.

CI investigations outside the United States shall be conducted in accordance with the following guidelines: Requests for approval will be forwarded through command channels; they will dirrective the information required in section 2 a through i. See app A, sees 19 and Experimentation is conducted on behalf of a DoD intelligence component if it is conducted under contract to that component or to another DoD com- ponent for the benefit of the intelligence component or at the request of such a component regardless of the existence of a contractual relationship.

Conduct of vulnerability surveys 2. A-1 AR 1 July j. Procedures – 1. Inspectors Generalas part of their dorective of DoD intelligence components, shall ensure that pro- cedures exist within such components for the reporting of questionable activities, and that employees of such components are aware of their responsibilities to report such activities.

Final disposition of such information will comply with dis- position schedules approved by the Archivist of the United States for the files or records in which the information is stored.

ADA : Counterintelligence and Operations Security Support Program for the DODD

FBI activities are governed by procedures pro- mulgated by the Attorney General. Informa- tion may be collected about a United States person who consents to such collection. The terms “General Counsel” and “Inspector General,” as used herein, refer, unless otherwise spec- ified, to any General Counsel or Inspector General with responsibility for one or more DoD intelligence com- p.


Other signals may be used only where it is determined that it is not practical to use the signals described above and it is not reasonable to obtain the consent of persons incidentally subjected to the sur- veillance. Assistance may be rendered to law enforce- ment agencies and security services of foreign govern- ments or international organizations in accordance with established policy and applicable Status of Forces Agreements; provided, that DoD intelligence compo- nents may not request or participate in activities of such agencies undertaken against United States persons that would not be difective such components under these procedures.

Re- quests for such approval shall be treated as a request for an unconsented physical search under subsection C. Disposition of informa- tion about United States persons retained in the files of DoD intelligence components will comply with the disposition schedules approved by the Archivist of the United States for the files or records in which the in- formation is retained.

Applications for court direcfive will be made through the Attorney General after prior clearance by the General Counsel, DoD.

Intelligence, United States Air Force. Subject to the special lim- itation contained in section E. They in turn may delegate their authority to responsible military intelligence directivw com- manders; these commanders may further delegate this authority to military intelligence battalion commanders, or equivalent.

Contracts with academic institutions. Requests for approval will be forwarded through command channels.

DoD Directive 5240.1-R

Phys- ical surveillance for identification purposes may be ap- proved by a field supervisor. However, such col- lection must comply with the following: If acquired outside the United States, information which indicates a violation of federal law, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice ref- erence for a clear and imminent threat to life or property, may also be disseminated to appropriate law enforcement authorities.

5420.1-r purposes of this sectiona seminar or conference sponsored by a professional organization that is open to persons of a particular profession whether or not they are members of the organization itself or have received a special invitation, shall be considered a meet- ing open to the public.

Outside the United States, DoD intel- ligence components may conduct unconsented physical surveillance of United States persons in one of the cat- egories identified in subsection C. Consensual Electronic Surveillance 1. This part applies to all nonconsensual electronic surveillance conducted within the United States, whether directed against a US or non-US person.


Policy and procedures governing all consensual electronic surveillance are found at section C of this part. That regulation shall provide that signals intelli- gence activities which constitute electronic surveillance, as defined in Parts 1 and 2 of this procedure, will be authorized in accordance with those parts. Mail cover means the process by which a record is made of any data appearing on the outside cover of any class of mail matter as permitted by law, other than that necessary for the delivery of mail or administration of the postal service.

If the request is for an extension of a previous authorization, describe results thus far obtained from the interception, or give a reasonable explanation of the failure to obtain results. DoD intelligence components may, however, request the FBI to conduct such searches.

Cited in the applicability statement on the title page. Authority to employ such techniques shall be limited to that necessary to perform functions assigned the DoD intelligence com- ponent concerned. The use of such countermeasures has been au- thorized or consented to by the official in charge of the facility, organization, or installation where the coun- termeasures are to be undertaken; 2.

These procedures do not apply to participation in organizations for solely per- sonal purposes. Explanation of Undefined Terms Any foreign government re- gardless of whether recognized by the United Statesforeign-based political party or faction thereoffor- eign military force, foreign-based terrorist group, or any organization composed, in major part, of any such en- tity or entities.

Such information is incidental to authorized collection and may indicate involvement in activities that may violate federal, state, local, or foreign law. Types of permissible assistance.

Information about United States persons may be retained if it was collected pursuant to Procedure 2. The agreement by a person or orga- nization to permit DoD intelligence components to take particular actions that affect the person or organization.