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In The Malay Dilemma, former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad examines and .. orang Melayu, khususnya Kelantan, dan ini tercatat dalam Dilema Melayu. Mahathir dalam Dilema Melayu [Zakry Abadi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Comments on Mahathir’s politics and statesmanship during. Malaysia largest bookstore offering books, magazines, music, CD, Manga and much more.

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Jul 23, Supia rated it really liked it. Di samping itu ada pula yang merasa begitu iri hati dan membantah terhadap kuasa ekonomi orang-orang Cina.

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Even from a perspective of an outsider, I can still feel the whole book is filled with inconvenient truth if what mabathir wrote can be counted as truth dileam, which, therefore, explains why it was banned by then Malaysian government. Learn more about Amazon Prime. However, the author also draws a lot of analogies, from all over the world. There is also little attempt on the author’s part to cover his biasness.

Kelemahan sesuatu bangsa semestinya bermula dari dalam akar bangsa itu sendiri. Dalam ertikata lain dia memahiri sifat, perangai dan ciri orang Melayu-Islam, menyebabkan dia tidak begitu menjual ideanya yang sekular dengan cara paksaan, itu yang membuatkan dia mampu bertahan sehingga 22 tahun lamanya memerintah -tanpa digulingkan- dan kemudian sekali lagi muncul menjadi Perdana Menteri, mengalahkan pencabarnya selama ini iaitu Anwar. I really enjoyed this book as it describes why, how and when a human can make a difference.

I was interested to read this book as I wanted to truly understand what was hindering the progress of the Malays in this country from a leader who has ruled this nation for more than 2 decades.


Mahathir prescribed several cures: Biased, but it was mentioned early on by the author. My Life, most of all.


Dr Mahathir sets out his view as to why the Malays are economically backward dilems why they feel they must insist upo In The Malay Dilemmaformer prime minister Mahathir Mohamad examines and analyses the make-up of the Malays and the problem of racial harmony in Malaysia.

Feb ,ahathir, Izarul Haq rated it it was amazing Dileema So, whether you agree or disagree with his views, its important to know dliema he and perhaps many current Malay leaders feel this way.

Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Walau bagaimanapun, pada waktu tersebut hanya inilah satu-satunya cara orang Melayu dapat terlibat dalam perniagaan dan tidak ketinggalan di belakang. Most of the things are true, and clearly explains the racial inequality between the different races in Malaysia.

Oleh itu perkahwinan di antara orang-orang ni akan menghasilkan zuriat yang lebih baik sebab mereka akan mewarisi ciri-ciri dominan yang baik dari kedua-dua ibu bapa mereka, sementara itu ciri-ciri yang resesif akan pupus. Mahathir was readmitted to UMNO in and became the Prime Minister inand in time most of the policies suggested in the book were indeed adopted by the Malaysian government, most notably in the Malaysian New Economic Policy.

All those privileges that we called as the Malay rights are the manifestation of how underprivileged the Malays were that the Government needed to be accommodative in its policies to help the Malays achieve equality with the non-Malays. Mahathir, or he himself, comes back to helm the ship. A great analysis of the Malay psyche. I wondered what had ignited such racism, the kind that existed with such revered magnitude, that it gave me a constant headache Admittedly, this is a tough book for me.

Published by Times Books International first published Prone to sweeping statements about other races, such as describing Jews as “hook-nosed”, [1] the book entrenched Mahathir’s image as a Malay ultra chauvinist. However, Mahathir also dissects the multiple failings of his own race, and the book was intended as a solution leading away from violence towards a harmonious, integrated Malaysia albeit one where political and economic power is firmly concentrated in the hands of the Malays.


Hal ini demikian kerana, faktor-faktor keturunan adalah amat penting dalam perkembangan sesuatu bangsa Mahathir, Unfortunately, I was very disappointed with what the book presented. Selalunya, ciri-ciri dominan akan mengatasi ciri-ciri resesif apabila kedua-duanya digabungkan. Jun 23, Nan Hao rated it really liked it. Or aggressive when necessary.

Mahathir dalam Dilema Melayu: Zakry Abadi: : Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. However his proposed solutions are far too radical and not pragmatic enough to solve the problems. I find absolutely no basis on most of Mahathir’s thoughts in this book and I strongly feel that these are just his perceptions on how he saw things and they may not be the truth. The focal problem of the Malay dilemma seemed to be orbiting around education.

Perhaps it is true what Tun had deduced in his book; The Dilfma failed to appreciate time and life given to them; that they, willingly yield to the limitations of life and would not do much to break the limitations. Dengan itu perkahwinan di dalam kaum keluarga ini tidak akan menghasilkan zuriat yang baik. And so the cycle of the dilemma continues. It was not a very thick book, but the thoughts of Mahathir which he s I read the first edition and from the first page to the last, i hated every bit of it.