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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Deslumbrante Javier Marías escribe con elegancia, con ingenio y . Los enamoramientos (Spanish Edition). Javier Marías. Entradas sobre Los enamoramientos escritas por javiermariasblog. descarga A great Spanish novel for our time by Javier Marias. Renowned Spanish writer. Javier Marías se encuentra en París donde mañana, 13 de septiembre, .. Comme les amours (titre original:Los Enamoramientos) est le premier roman en .. descarga A great Spanish novel for our time by Javier Marias. Renowned Spanish.

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Our convictions are transient and fragile, even the ones we believe to be the strongest. Nothing more than his wife left husbandless, his children left fatherless. Esta tarde a las 19 horas. The story appears to be over until she unexpectedly meets Luisa and expresses her condolences. Considering the revelations lis have been imposed on her, this is an understandable scruple.

They all seem false to me. How does violence affect the instigator, the victims and bystanders, and change them?

Faithful dialogue, compelling plot, philosophical asides, broad scope, cross-cultural relevance, clever construction, unique narrative stylings, memorable voice, a timeless quality—all these and more are reasons often given when discussing what it is about a work of fiction that makes it so distinguished or outstanding. He toys with a reader, mixing mariaw memories and theories with actual monologues or discussions with characters.

Yet they cling to the living, asserting descqrgar they no longer have. This Maria learns much later in the novel, and in her smitten state — needing to be needed — she chooses not to act on what she knows.

Los enamoramientos

Initially, she knows them only as the mysterious Perfect Couple — affluent, attractive, manifestly in love — who breakfast every morning at her favorite cafe. Of course, he should blame himself for succumbing to the temptation jvier her note like an addict craving for another fix.


Or even the second, or the third? The scholarly Rico, the penurious working class Maria Dolz, Luisa the grieving widow, the man-of-the-world Diaz-Varela, all spew forth pages upon pages of identical speculative monologues.

Bernard Turle — Marco Lodoli: There, she regularly observes an ideal married couple:. The Infatuationssuperbly translated by Margaret Jull Costa, is straightforward in comparison. After Miguel is stabbed to death not far from the cafe, Maria gingerly javler Luisa to offer her condolences, then comes to her house for an eventful evening, during which she meets Javier.

One of the best possible perspectives from which to tell a story is that of a ghost […] someone who still cares about what he left behind, so much so that he comes back.

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A tinge of blood. Pierre Demarty — Joyce Carol Oates: The book teaches us to somehow dread the idea that life belongs to the living—that transcendental moments do not exist, that time is on the side of murderers. He is not dangerous. First, Luisa sets her down and talks for a few hours. Despite the fact that little to nothing is actually known about the couple, a summation is derived from a glance that says more about the onlooker than the looked-upon.

Or is it, with a nod to Descragar and Cervantes, the other way around? The rest of the novel ols into what could have brought a wealthy gentleman with no known enamoraminetos to such a gruesome end.

Yet something more always looms for the living: The widow, in turn, introduces Maria to two friends at her house. The novel as epistemological enquiry—how do we know what we know? Are we failing to see beyond all that is shown? This is typically playful: Les morts trop marquantes sont injustes: The rival formulations turn up one after another, in sub-clauses that offer everything from subtle qualification to flat contradiction.


Why did this young woman kill herself, assuming she was successful? These truncated news stories and soundbites, in reality, often have not the slightest thing to do with our own lives, but end up somehow consuming us however briefly all the same—as if they were somehow vested with the weight of our own personal stake.

By savoring obscure motives and absurd turns of fate, he dispels facile explanations of why people commit extreme acts of love, anger, mercy, betrayal. This is not to say there is no satisfactory payoff. That passage, along with various others sprinkled throughout, presumably refers to the book itself. Nothing more than an apparently senseless killing. Delightful vistas of endless possibilities, stories and mysteries open up, making this book a rewarding read.

Los enamoramientos

He could be the devil himself but for something generous in his address, a focus outside himself. This Maria learns much later in the novel, and in her smitten state — needing to be needed — she chooses enamoramientod to act on what she knows.

Descwrgar often do people put a conversation on hold or stop in traffic for a siren, then eagerly wait to resume their interrupted task? Although this slowness of narrative pace, with its long, apparently irrelevant digressions can be irritating for the reader, he concedes, if we show patience we will be rewarded. The Infatuationssuperbly translated by Margaret Jull Descargag, is straightforward in comparison. He makes his intentions quite clear early on, lulling the reader with hypnotic prose after providing some context for his musings.