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Complete Warrior is a supplemental rulebook for the edition of the Dungeons and Dragons ?x=dnd/cwc/a; ^ Ryan, Michael (December 5, ). “Product Spotlight: Complete Warrior”. Wizards. D&D Complete Scoundrel. Uploaded by. Addy Hernandez. D&D – Psionics Handbook. Uploaded by. a D&D E – Monster Manual II. Uploaded. Home · Documents; D&D Complete Warrior DESCRIPTION. Complete Warrior handbook for D&D

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This benefit doesn’t stack with damage reduction granted by magic items or nonpermanent magical effects, but it does stack with damage reduction granted by permanent magical effects, class features, or this feat itself. You can immediately take a single move action as if you had readied an action to do so to move into the square the fallen ally occupies. Reynolds WAR yet again, who did the cover and a few of the illustratons within.

Phalanx Fighting You are trained in fighting in close formation with your allies. Greater Resiliency 99 Your extraordinary resilience to damage increases. My favorites from the revised PrCs happen to be the Bladesinger and Spellsword. The ranger may be harder for some to justify as having spells, but it could easily be passed off by other other means.

Surprisingly, only a few of the prestige classes from Sword and Fist have been reprinted in this book: Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that How about cmplete exotic weapon master, ckmplete or master thrower?

No initial touch attack is required.

Complete Warrior

The feats are varied and quite good. Extra Rage 98 You may rage more frequently than normal. However, it would’ve been nice to have seen a feat that removed penalties for using two weapons of the same size of Medium or largerbut that’s another story. You know martial arts techniques inspired by hunting birds.


The Sun School feat enables the use of three tactical maneuvers. Terms and Conditions for Non-Human Visitors. The swashbuckler is supposed warror be a fighter-rogue type class.

D&D 3.5 Complete Warrior

This speed reduction ends comppete 24 hours have passed or a successful DC 15 Heal check or the application of any cure spell or other magical healing is made. If there is no unoccupied square on the opposite side of the foe or you fail the Tumble check, you remain in the square you are in and have failed to duck underneath your foe.

To use this maneuver, you must move adjacent to a foe at least two size categories larger than you. You are able to maintain your rage longer than most.

You must be within 30′ of your opponents to make a ranged sunder attempts.

D&D Complete Warrior

The bonus you add to your attack rolls from this feat cannot be greater than your base attack bonus. You are a master of fighting with two maces at While you are raging, you designate a single foe within 30feet of you that you can attempt to demoralize as a free action see the intimidate skill page 76 of the Player’s Handbook.

Hold the Line You are trained in defensive techniques against charging opponents. Just update some simple mechanics to 3. If your charge attack hits, you may make a free bull rush attempt.

You can use melee weapons one size category larger than you are with a -2 penalty on the attack roll, but the amount of effort it takes you to use the weapon does not change. Rage or frenzy ability. You have mastered the style of fighting with a quarterstaff, Creatures immune to stunning can be affected by this extra damage. Each time you take the feat, it may be with a different weapon or the same weapon.


To use this maneuver, you must make a successful bull rush attempt as part of a charge.

If the designated attacker is making a full attack against you, its second and subsequent attacks function normally. You are trained at fighting in ranks and fi les.

When running or charging, you can make a single direction change of 90 degrees or less. The changes to attack rolls and Armor Class last until your next action. A fighter may select Improved Mounted Archery as one of his fighter bonus wadrior.

Make a Ride check at the conclusion of the move portion of the charge action. Sure, it fits but not to the same degree. Defensive Strike 97 You can turn a strong defense into a powerful offense. Improved Weapon Familiarity You are familiar with all exotic weapons common to your people. Compleye of the first core characters meant to PC use in such a fashion. It got old quickly.

To use this maneuver, cpmplete must make a successful bull rush attempt against a foe. That’s what the Miniatures Handbook, Cry Havoc, or other battle-rules heavy accessories are for. To use this maneuver, you must charge a foe in the first round, and you must make an attack using your Power Attack feat in the second round. You may make a wagrior trip attempt against both foes at the same time, and neither foe gets a chance to trip you if your attempt fails.