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CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Regulation Lecture Notes Anna University CS PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS Lecture notes PP Notes 5TH. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Programming Paradigms CS PP free pdf! The Third Year,Fifth semester Anna. 5th semester Notes. GKM College Notes: 1. Software Engineering Programming Paradigms (PP or JAVA) (CS) (CS55) ( CS) Unit 1 – View /.

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For example, a button can send ActionEvent objects, whereas a window can send WindowEvent objects.

CS2305 Programming Paradigms Question Bank – 16 Mark Questions – Anna University CSE 5th Semester

Although the old model is now deprecated, its classes are still a part of the Java library. Instead, you must supply an invocation handler.

Its uncaught- Exception method takes the following action: Usually, a program has to be broken up into separate pieces to do event-drive programming. A constructor has no return value. You enable them by running the program with the – enableassertions or -ea option: When using Data Encapsulation, data is not accessed directly; it is only accessible through the functions present inside the class. Instead, you can define your own loggers.


We store the desired color in our listener class. As part of the Java security model, different class loaders for system classes, classes that are downloaded from the Internet, and so on, can be used.

Data abstraction also represents the needed information in the program without presenting the details. Every component has three characteristics: The word programming paradigm is used in several different, although related meanings in computer science. The minimum priority value is 1.

Even when used within the class, there are good reasons to define a method as static when it could be. For example, the Person class stores the name of the person and has a concrete method that returns it.

Explain the advantage and explain the methods in Model view controller The Model-View- Controller Design Pattern As promised, we with describing the architecture of Swing components. Whenever the user clicks the button, the JButton object creates an ActionEvent object and calls listener. Load accounts[to] into a register. Creating an object is also referred as instantiating an object. Then you must tag the subclass as abstract as well. GenericArrayType Type getGenericComponentType gets the generic component type with which this array type was declared 5.

Object in java are created using the new operator.


Use the read lock in all accessors: Determining the current size of one of these collections usually requires traversal. Of course, if the interface is not a button or menu, ActionListener may not be the appropriate interface—there are eleven listener interfaces.


There are two remaining questions. Its run method keeps moving money out of a fixed bank account. Then the color change command is handled in a uniform way, no matter whether it was caused by a button click, a menu selection, or a key press.


Object newInstance — Constructs new instance using default constructor Even though this approach only lets you use one particular constructor, it makes a very convenient shortcut if that’s the one you want. If you have lots paradogms checks of this kind, the program runs quite a bit slower than it should.

The user can choose a certain function through a menu, a keystroke, or a button on a toolbar.

May 10, Field, Method Provides a link to other element of Class, Interface, documentation.