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tipos de craneo. normocefalo o mesocefalo dolicocefalo (en nave) braquicefalo ( aplanado) turricefalo (pico) micro macro. triangulo anterior del cuello. tipos de craneo study guide by hugoberx includes 12 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. craneo proporcional al resto del cuerpo dolicocefalo. Nariz: tamaño. Tabique nasal: posición. Mucosa nasal: permeabilidad, olfato, aleteo nasal. Coriza. Oídos: forma, tamaño, posición, simetría.

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Interesting to see how his hair tends to the WN colour and his beard to the Red Nordid. Dolicoefalo is actually a depigmented brown due to mixtures with lighter tonalities.

Only a lie requires speech laws, kommissars and gulags. For this reason, we should imagine them living a life of violent and constant physical activity outdoors. White skin is the result of the adaptation to the lower intensity of sunlight in Arctic conditions, as well as to the reduction of skin surface exposed to the Sun, due to the necessity of using animal skins to keep warm.

Grouping diverse paternal lineages resulting from the genetic analysis of the Y-DNA of various populations, paternal haplogroups were formed. Beautiful, innocent White child raped and battered. Back then, they were grouped to put some order in the foundations of the young raciology.

Here, the individual has his eyebrows slightly raised. All human lineages are interwoven in such a way that to understand one helps to understand the rest. Dental configuration is very related to craniomandibular configuration, that has a decisive influence on the brain and is the result of dietary adaptation.

It can be said that this race constitutes the foundations of the Celtic heritage nations in Western Europe. Cold consumes many calories and this race was adapted to a plainly gelid environment, where the accumulation of a moderate amount of fat helped them to survive. White Nordid distribution is pretty clear and needs no further explanation, but this map does require it. In mixes with other races, the bloody appearance tends to retreat to the face, and in the face, to cheeks, ears and under the eyes.

  BI15 CP40 FDZ30X2 PDF

The fauna likewise changed: If it was P, the Q haplogroup would also be Red Nordid and the armenisation and mongolisation would have appeared later due to mixing.

He had overcome both glacial and interglacial periods successfully and he occupied a territory spanning from Portugal to Central Asia. The outline of the lips is not clearly defined, nor differenced from the rest of the skin, as in the WN case. This search, which exceeds all previous ones and sets Physical Anthropology on a solid and totally new basis, has led him to discover that: Among all original human races, the WN is the one that has at present larger quantities of completely pure individuals, partly because it is probably the youngest race, and partly because historically it has displayed more racism than other races.

They did well in occupying Europe, but this race will never achieve inner balance and harmony unless under strong Arctic conditions, where snow rarely disappears. In such case, other possible candidates to paternal RN lineages are I2b1 and G. Distribution of White Nordids could be vaguely connected to the A blood type.

This would complete the cycle of human creation, rendering the ancient Homo sapiens into a human “version” as obsolete as currently Homo habilis is. Today, we are far from having a population with that instinct; a dictatorship that promotes partnerships based on biological heredity is needed, along with the State-sponsored creation of homes and families of this kind.

It must not be forgotten that all the gestures of sharing skin and breath, from a pat in the back to a sexual relation and shaking hands, hugging, kissing, caressing, etc. New ASU English class: R1a distribution in Eurasia. Abundant type of mixture in Anglo-Saxon, German and, to a lesser extent, Slavic countries. Race mixing is an attack on human biodiversity and an aggression against dozens of millennia of evolution. R2 is also probably Red Nordid in origin.


With no hessitation, we affirm those contributions to be even more important in highly Armenid individuals. First, there are also deep RN infiltrations in Africa.

craneo dolicocefalo pdf

Yes, this is all real. This gene reaches its highest frequencies in the Basque Country and Ireland. Extremo noreste de Asia y noroste del continente Americano. Curly hair is due to Congid influences.


Indeed, most Europeans currently have traits from two or three —if not more— racial types, and only a good anthropological knowledge, together with a certain personal intuition, can help to read racial stratifications.

Craheo Sumeria has other artistic pieces that depict individuals specifically of the social elite: We leave open the question mark as to whether the Denisovan hominin had something to do in the conformation of the RN racial type. Also, the community itself would have been strongly aware of their evolutionary role.

Accelerated metabolism, very active blood circulation. It is possible that the modern, pure WN has part of genetic contribution from a European Neandertal race. Tendency to receding hairlines in the top corners of the forehead. None of these eyes has a “pure” colour, but mixtures between pure colours.

Less pronounced supraorbital arches than White Nordids. Again, more than in White Nordids. Large pupils, short-medium distance between eyes.