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View and Download Comdial DX user manual online. Digital Executive Telephone. DX Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: View and Download Comdial DX installation & maintenance manual online. DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download. View and Download Comdial DX installation and maintenance manual online . DX Telephone Accessories pdf manual download.

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When equipped with optional voice processing modules, the system takes on the characteristics of a mechanically driven computing storage device. You hear a confirmation tone manua the display indicates the current status.

Conditions Pressing Hold will place a conference on Exclusive Hold if you are the controlling party and you temporarily exit to add another party.

Page 29 – Regulatory data: Use the figures above for each unit installed or to be installed and calculate the total for this system configuration. Performance of the digitally integrated DX Voice is notably superior to that of a regular analog integration.

Automatic Hold [feature]or 1 and you press line 2, maunal call on line 1 will be placed on Exclusive Hold automatically. Input the telephone number cell phone, other office, etc.

The display shows messages waiting and provides prompts to assist you in responding to the messages. Page The time interval to be considered is from the time the trunk access code is dialed to the time dx8-0 trunk dial tone is heard.

When assigned as attendant, this extension supports general system functions like Line Recall, Forced Incoming ICM Manuap Forward and manual evening or alternate service mode operation.

The highest setting and lowest setting ringing levels are heard as an indication that this volume mode cannot be adjusted further. The System trouble shooting procedures are a logical approach to comdia identification, analysis, and correction.

The display also facilitates the standard Caller ID feature — allowing all digital speakerphones to receive caller ID information as it is received from the servicing telephone company. All other modules use brass color 2.


You may continue programming other CO lines for automated attendant use or exit the programming mode. A cable restraint clamp is provided and may be used to secure cables exiting the KSU. Press the feature button programmed for the destination extension number.

Extension Feature Status Check!. Features The DX system has a variety of features designed to provide maximum call handling efficiency and flexibility. Page 23 4 DSS Consoles each if required.

Comdial DX80 Feature Codes

System Criteria And Capacity: This section details these features, which appear alphabetically. Your voice mailbox will be closed automatically by the DX system assuming programming has been properly completed. Assignment — System List is set to Hook-Flash command while connected to a CO Line. Page 56 ] to continue programming. Any extension may manually switch the system service from day to night mode, or vice-versa using the Attendant Administration if the password is known.

Extension Swapping Extension Swapping As part of the Flexible Numbering Plan in the DX system, extension directory numbers as defined in the database programming can be exchanged swapped from one port to another.

To meet this requirement, the feature code can be programmed on an available Flexible Feature Button for use. Remote Control COM 1 or 2 only and mnual baud rate that will be used for the connection. That is, each new call is manul to the next available UCD Member such that previous call routing is retained.

In this mode, a manuall Warning Tone is heard repeatedly when the timer has expired. Site Planning such as those generated by heavy motors, copy machines and some kitchen appliances. Standard punch-down terminal block s 66M type as required. Alarm Clock — Extension Single Line Telephone — Flash Single Line Telephone — Flash Single Line Telephones and similar analog devices connected to analog ports of the DX system must use unsophisticated signaling to administer call-processing operations like transfer and hold.



Calls will be handled in the order that they were received. Range is 0 to Handset telephone failure connection of audio. These modules expand the DX system extension capacity to a maximum of 24 digital ports in each KSU 48 total digital ports. Extension Feature Status Check The Digital Speakerphone user can quickly determine the status of all user-controlled features. Operation — Receiving a Call in Tone Mode When your extension is idle, an intercom call to your extension will alert you of the call with a double-burst tone which is repeated until you respond or until the call follows a Call Forward route.

The DX provides a Toll Restriction table of entries.

Exit the programming mode. Cnt Connect is possible. Conditions Pressing Hold will place a conference on Exclusive Hold if you are the controlling party and you temporarily exit to add another party.

The DB Item Select screen displays. The program title page displays. Page 56 ] to continue programming. Please refer to the Programming section of this manual to learn more about this procedure. You are connected to the call.

Comdial DX Tech Manual Vol 2

The DX receives the disconnect signal from the telephone company and forces the CO line on-hook to release the system resource for other uses. Wait for the called extension to answer the intercom call. Proper use of standoff is imperative to assure proper system operation. Maual AAM provides four ports to handle four 4 simultaneous callers.

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