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In the twenty-first century, The Chymical Wedding by Johann Valentin Andreae continues to be acknowledged as a literary gem, an exceptional story written in. The drawings on this page appeared as illustrations in The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published by Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Rosicrucian. Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this.

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The old man commanded us to lay them on a long weddinv covered with white velevet and to cover them with white taffeta, which, because of their unspeakable beauty, it went hard with us to do. Meaning that CRC didn’t turn to the left or right. Those with ladders followed, each drawing up his ladder after him.

He then withdrew, taking with him the fruits of our yesterday’s labours, and locking the door behind him, so that we imagined we had been imprisoned in the Tower.

First English version appeared inby Ezechiel Foxcroftfollowed by translations into many languages throughout time. I have chistian among you these four pointing to me and three others lazy and sluggish laborators, and I purpose that they shall be excluded from the seventh and most glorious action. Cupid darted hither and thither; sometimes he seated himself between the two lovers; weddinh he made as if he rosenrkeutz shoot one of us; he was so full of his waggery that he would not spare even the little birds, which flew about the chamber in multitudes.

It was sealed with a little seal which bore a curious cross, together with the inscription, “In this Sign conquer,” at which I felt greatly comforted, knowing that this sign was little acceptable, and much less useful, to the devil. This manifesto has been a source of inspiration for poets, alchemists the word “chymical” is an old form of “chemical” and refers to alchemy—for which the ‘Sacred Marriage’ was the goal [2] weddibg dreamers, through the force of its initiation ritual with processions of tests, purifications, death, resurrection, and ascension and also by its symbolism found since the beginning with the invitation to Rosenkreutz to assist this Royal Wedding.

Howbeit, he yielded not one drop of blood till he was opened on the breast, and then the blood spun out so fresh and clear as if it had been a fountain of rubies. Hugely terrified, I turned to look; and there I beheld a fair and glorious lady, in garments of sky-blue, bespangled with golden stars, and with large and beautiful wings, full of eyes, wherewith she could mount aloft and fly swifter than any eagle.

Along each of the funnels thus made, I saw a bright stream of flame shoot down from the aperture in the roof, and enter the aedding image, which immediately twinkled its eyes though scarcely stirring. Our Virgin brought in six black taffeta scarves, with which she bound the eyes of the three Kings and the three Queens.

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It shouldn’t go unnoticed that, after reading this tablet, CRC cuts the bread. Now whom did he love the better, chymkcal sister or myself? When we opened our two little moulds, we found two bright and almost transparent little images, angelically fair babes, a male and a female, each being but four inches long.

The second path in the text is the path taught in John’s gospel, as CRC is told not to turn to the left or right on this path and John’s is the only account not to mention two men crucified to the right and to rosenkreeutz left of Jesus while on the cross as thieves John When he returned to consciousness it seemed as if the twelve streams of wisdom had been woven by him into an all-embracing wisdom.

Our Virgin, dressed in black velvet, now conducted us to the garden, where we found six sepulchres under a roof supported by seven columns, above which floated a flag with a Phoenix painted on it.

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For two hours the fountain played, and the distillations dripped into the oval casket till the bodies it contained were quite dissolved.

The images are drawings from Johfra Bosschart, a Dutch modern artist Dusk was now falling; and a beautiful Virgin, robed in sky-blue and bearing a glorious torch, was lighting lanterns along the rosenkreuyz to the inner Portal. On one side of them sat enthroned an ancient grey-bearded king with a fair young queen; on the other, a black rosenkrektz, middle-aged, with a veiled and dainty old matron. Many occupied themselves in copying the paintings; but I, on whom the page of greatest power had been bestowed, was led with my companion into chritsian of the Castle usually kept private, the keys of these having been committed to my page.

This is the spiritual call. The old King was led to the low black seat, and there solemnly and reverently beheaded.

In the rear, G, in which were forty virgins. But after a quarter werding an hour, a round hole in the ceiling was uncovered from above, where we saw our Virgin, who bade us a cheerful goodmorrow, desiring us to come up.

It was from the Moor’s head rrosenkreutz this solution conceived so great a heat, the virgins also placing their torches on spikes beneath the vessel, so that the water driving from the fountain seethed and simpered. It reads as follows:. Then came louder music, all so master-like as if the Emperor of Rome had been entering. The Three Royal Couples: Not to strive for wordly pride and high authority. We send it out in the hope that it may be of some pleasure and profit not only to them but also to a wider circle of people interested in such matters, without as well as within the Anthroposophical Movement.


Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz – Wikipedia

Watching the execution of these sentences, I felt my eyes run over, till at last the garden, which had been so full, was emptied, and a silence fell upon it. By the fourth no man shall reach the place, because it is a consuming way, practicable only for incorruptible bodies. The young king to whom she was betrothed made war upon the Moors on her behalf, and was victorious; he released the young queen, and restored her to her kingdom; they were married amid great rejoicings; and the play closed with a wedding hymn, calling down blessing on our King and Queen, and praying that a fairer future race might spring from them.

Not to wish to live longer than God would have us. In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: At this last article we could not choose but laugh.

This would seem to indicate that CRC was Jewish. Though the scales had been removed from the hall, the weights were still standing on their little table.

He yearns for knowledge. I now joined my fellow-guests in our hall, where Cupid would needs have me show him my hand, where he still found a little drop of blood, at which he heartily laughed, and had the rest have a care of me, as I would shortly end my days. Then, without speaking, she spread her wings and mounted upward, blowing so mighty a blast on her gallant trumpet that for a full quarter of an hour afterward the whole hill echoed thereof.

The heavenly globe turned till a certain conjunction was reached, then a second, then a third; after each conjunction the clock chimed.

The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz: A Pictoral Key.

Though the tables were richly furnished, and all the royal persons were attired afresh in snow- white glittering garments, there was no music, the young King sighed often, the old King and Queen were grave, and all was performed with such state chriztian solemn stillness, and all things had so strange a face, that foreboding of some imminent peril hung over us all.

There is some resemblance between this alchemical romance and passages in the Bible such as:. The fourth path is the letters of Paul. As for me, I could scarcely well go forward for the wounds left on my feet by the fetters.