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RAVENING HORDES – CHAOS DWARFS. The new Orc & Goblins Armies book completely replaces the list in Ravening Hordes. However, dedicated Orc. /08/09 Subject: 8th Edition Chaos Dwarfs errata (ravening hordes) . [Up]. Grimstonefire Something we made over at Chaos Dwarfs Online. Ravening Hordes: Dwarfs out now! Updated 4/1 with . Perhaps the same as the Chaos Dwarf Tendirizer except only on the charge. Delete.

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All Dwarf units have always had Ld9 in the past. The Book of Grudges ravdning remember this Counterpoint but only because I like to argue, not because I actively disagree with what you’re saying Curin’s Cataphracts.

Hence I’m not planning on giving them any sort of cavalry. Doubtful, there’s not really any existing background for it, only mentions of lizardmen. This way it doesn’t do much apart giving infantry characters an even higher footprint a bad thing actually and it has going for it at the moment are its 6A with meager S3.

Ravening Hordes

Not sure about the nerf to items. Love the work you have been doing. The book also include 4 new units, including some that have been highly requested for years no, not Bear Riders, those belong to Kislev! I take it you meant “Norse”? In addition, the Dwarf-Crafted rule doesn’t work in 9th edition so I would suggest replacing Dwarf Handguns with regular Handguns in 9th edition and replacing Crossbows with Dwarf Crossbows in 8th edition.


Chaos Dwarf Ravening Hordes list (pdf)

Unknown 27 December at Besides, I chaod too busy as it is with the official books! Tempted to model a unit filler of quarrellers stood around picketing for their armour back. I was thinking whether the Deathrollers go on a normal chariot base or if it would be more fitting to put them on a Monstrous Cavalry size base? Do you think you will ever do a Southlands bookbased on the African tribes and their legends?

Plus, I do happen to be a DE player: I can understand these. Dwarfs sprinting through the battlefield? Considering that you made Horse Army Book, are you planning to make books or supplements about Kurgan and Hung?

Relentless now allows Dwarfs to march 3x their M value. Furthermore, it seems unfair to reduce the magic allowance rzvening they do not have access to power.

I would also change their Leadership to 9. Making infantry characters a bit sturdier was it’s main selling point That being said it’d be cool, but by no means necessary.

Why would the dwarfs make a mechanical goat to rough terrain? Then make it that Thanes, Lords and Master Engineers can be placed in one. No longer jordes crossbows or throwing axes by deafuault. Anonymous 19 June at Looked at the Wood chaoe 9th ed ravening hordes. Roy Abspoel 3 April at Give it a special rule that says that the driver cannot make any attacks neither melee nor shooting but the Gyrocopter uses the WS, BS and Attacks of the driver.


Anonymous 1 April at Hey there, Another set of comments I will have that fixed for the full version.

These “get-you-by” lists allow you to play the armies below with updated rules for both 8th and 9th Edition until I have the time to finish each army’s complete book with background and art. Good work but I found some more bugs. Mathias Eliasson 1 April at The main issue for Dwarfs is that due to their speed, many Dwarf players tend to just hunker down in their deployment zone rather than attempting to move forward.

Anyway, I’ll humor you. Mathias Eliasson 8 September at WH Dwarves are notorious for preferring to have both feet planted solidly on the ground, fighting in the way of their ancestors. The biggest changes consist of their army-wide rules, as well as moving gyrocopters to rare to avoid the spam that became prevalent in 8th ed.

As a whole, the book might be a little bit weaker than before, but it’s also a lot easier to actually get your Dwarfs into combat now. Dwarfs have LA by default. I really appreciate all the effort. Dwarves lose an entire phase of the game. Silver Wolf 5 July at Unknown 18 August at