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Skylane TT. Information supplied from Cessna Model TT Pilot Operating Handbook. Takeoff Distance. ISA, Flaps 20 Degrees, No Wind, Paved Level. Cessna’s new turbocharged TT From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna TT doesn’t look much different from the S. Aircraft Overview. This CT is one of our new generation Cessna’s. It is ideal for advanced flight training (CPL) and CSU endorsements for.

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No wonder it remains such a popular personal airplane. The airplane we were flying was brand gurbo, fewer than 10 hours on it, so starting it took a little fiddling. Perhaps the most innovative safety improvement is the AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint inevitably A-I-Ra system of seatbelt-mounted airbags designed to inflate within milliseconds of detecting a 16 G tudbo. Just in the first quarter of the year the value of a couple years’ old Turbo Skylane plummeted by nearly 10 percent overall — that’s in just three months’ time!

They include several small aerodynamic improvements — more streamlined VOR antennas, slicker wheelpants, a smaller beacon — that Ecssna added in order to boost the cruise speed of the airplane by five knots or so, which does in fact seem to be the case.

And even if you live in the flatlands, when you go to sell your airplane, there’s more of a market for turno turbo version, as even Rockies dwellers will be interested in taking a look. Today’s Skylane is sleeker, more solid, much more comfortable, rangier, faster, and far, far more technologically advanced than anything its originators could have dreamt of.

Cessna Turbo Skylane: Business Turbo for the Family Man | Cessna Owner Organization

It does not indicate whether these numbers include the retractable-gear s, which are no longer in production and therefore are not discussed on their webpage. In fact, the Skylane I flew in was the first production Skylane to have the system installed. But it’s not hard to imagine the multiple scenarios in which the utility could save the day: Even after hours of flying you don’t get that fatigued strapped-in feeling you can get with four-place belt systems.


Coupled with the G system’s host of other impressive capabilities, these features give the Skylane a suite of avionics utilities that are hard to beat in a single-engine airplane of any description. There’s something that most owners looking to sell their high-performance singles haven’t quite figured out yet: Below are some free things we hope you will find useful.

Albuquerque Center gave us a climb to 9, feet for terrain, but we chose instead to cancel and descend so we could try out the synthetic vision utility. You can probably think of a few recent tragic mishaps that fit these descriptions pretty closely. Theor Skylane as it’s been called since its second year on the marketisn’t the fastest four-seater in the sky, it’s not the sleekest, the most modern looking or the most technologically advanced. But even though it goes by the same name, today’s Skylane is far removed from those straight-tailed, bare metal machines of yore.

It goes without saying that synthetic vision is not intended for use as a primary reference; it’s purely advisory in nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As we flew nearer the ridge and the terrain came closer to our altitude, the rendering of that high terrain on the synthetic vision display began to change color, at first to yellow, when it was a threat but still below us. They’ve made the airplane quieter, smoother and more versatile, with longer range tanks and improved aerodynamics.

Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 1 October This isn’t the first time I’ve flown with SVT, but it is the first time I’ve had the chance to fly with it in and around some serious terrain.

Retrieved from ” https: If you fly regularly with a skittish non-pilot, turrbo can be a valuable option. Because the airplane was brand new, we kept the power at the higher setting, as per Cessna’s break-in procedures.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Slighter older Skylanes fared slightly better but still saw their value drop by around 15 percent over that same one-year time frame. And they’ve continued to upgrade those avionics. Inthe A variant was introduced along with the name Skylane.

I really like the sound of the turbocharged Lyc in the We finally climbed to 15, and were on top, in smooth air and seeing a knot push. It’s the same with the prop. They did a much better job corrosion-proofing cewsna airplane. High density altitudes are less of a challenge with such power on tap. What’s even easier to imagine is a scenario whereby SVT simply helps you stay on top of more typical situations: First, you get a lot for the money.


The entire system is housed in a panel overhead.

Cessna Turbo Skylane

It had not, however, been certified yet; hence, the “Experimental” markings on the airplane we flew. For those pilots with long-range bladders who can endure cwssna legs, dramatically reduced power settings can extend range to nearly nm.

The upgrades that came with the launch of the T in are all there, too. I don’t have to name them: Except for the wind, which was raising a chorus of creaks around the old T-hangars, things were very quiet in Marfa as we taxied in. The following is a collection of aircraft flight manuals, including pilots operating handbooks POHowners manuals, and POH supplements and popular Supplemental Type Certificate.

Views Read Edit View history. TBOs were lower, turbocharged engines ran hotter, fuel burn was high, maintenance cost more, and pilots were justifiably concerned about reliability.

Free Aviation Stuff – Red Sky Ventures / Cessna Training Manuals

cessa It is, in fact, a situation that predated by years the economic downturn, though the current financial crisis has exacerbated the situation, to be sure. The odf files are provided for this purpose, pdf files are provided for formatting since for reasons unknown this sometimes changes between computers. The is an airplane you fly with trim, and if you trim it right, it’s a pussy cat. McCauley CS Landing gear type: If the manifold pressure goes into the red, which it never did on either of my takeoffs even with full throttle, you can simply dial it back a little, but that’s about all there is to it.