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Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, (2) It extends to the whole of India 2*** 3***. (3) The Central Government may, by notification in the Official. Cantonments Act, DEFINITION AND DELIMITATION OF CANTONMENTS of cantonment fund when area ceases to be included in a cantonment.

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Presentation of bill Cantonment servant to be deemed a public servant. Seesection 1 2 3 4 5 S. Special power of the Executive Officer. Removal and exclusion from cantonment of disorderly persons.

The Executive Officer may, in cases of emergency, direct the execution of any work or the doing of any act which would ordinarily require the sanction of the1[Board] and the immediate execution or doing of which is, in his opinion, necessary for the service or safety of the public, and may cantonmejt that the expense of executing such work or doing such act shall be paid from the cantonment fund:.

Constitution of Committee of Arbitration. Feeding animals on dirt, etc. Inspection of imported goods, cajtonment. LV of Ordinance No. Pay, officiating pay and leave salary, whether drawn or not, shall be entered in columns 3 to 6. Authentication and validity of notices issued by Board. Provided that where, owing to any works or repairs or from any other cause, the condition of any street or of any water-works, drain, culvert or premises vested in thea[Board], is such as to be likely to cause danger to the public, thea[Board] shall.

Incidence of taxation General power of exemption.

Penalty for keeping market or slaughter-house open without licence, etc. Provided that no Board shall be superseded unless a reasonable opportunity has been given to it to show cause against the supersession. Unauthorised sale of spirituous liquor or intoxicating drug PENALTY FOR BREACH OF BYE LAWS – b[ 1 Any bye-law made by aa[Board] under this Act may provide that a contravention thereof shall be punishable- a with fine which may extend tocFive hundred rupees]; or b with fine which may extend toc[five cantpnment rupees] and, in the case of a continuing canronment, with an additional fine which may extend toc[fifty rupees] for every day during which such contravention continues after conviction for the first such contraven tion; or c with fine which may extend toc[fifteen rupees] for every day during which the contravention continues after the receipt of a notice from, thea[Board] by the person contravening the bye-law requiring such person to discontinue such contravention.


Connection with main not to be made without permission. Inspection of imported goods, etc. Substituted by Act 24 ofsection 2, for passage or open space”.

Cancellation and suspension of licences. Appointment of Executive Officer. Evidence by officer or actt of the Board. Power to vary constitution of Boards in special circumstances. Functions of the Board in relation to distribution of bulk supply.

Where any person has incurred a penalty by reason of having caused any damage to the property of a Board, he shall be liable to make good such damage, and the amount payable in respect of the damage shall, in case cantlnment dispute, be determined by the Magistrate by whom the person incurring such penalty is convicted, and, on non-payment of such amount avt demand, the same shall be recovered by distress and sale of the moveable property of such person, and the Magistrate shall issue a warrant for its recovery accordingly.

Making or selling of food, etc. Contamination of public conveyance.

Where cantonments are located in the navy or air force stations, the proceedings of the Board should be sent to he respective Command Headquarters of the navy or air force. Inserted by Act 15 ofsection 2, for the former sub-section 2.

Unauthorised sale of spirituous liquor or intoxicating dr ug. Act 15 of Clause Interest payable on taxes due. Aa[Board] may write off any sum due on account of any taxb[or rate] or of the costs of recovering any taxb[or rate] if such sum is, in its opinion, irrecoverable: Objections and disposal thereof 1 Any inhabitant of the cantonment may, within thirty days from the publication of the notice under section 61, submit to the Board an objection in writing to all or any of the proposals contained therein and the Board shall take such objection] into consideration and pass orders thereon by special resolution.

Power of Central Government to issue directions to the Board. Arrest of persons and seizure and confiscation of things for offences against the two last foregoing sections The foregoing provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to the sale or supply of any article in good faith for medicinal purposes by a medical practitioner, chemist or druggist authorised in this behalf by a general or special order of thea[Officer Commanding the station. Substituted by Act 7 ofsection 5, for “circumstances in which it is claimed”.

Substituted by Act 15 ofsection 57, for “the officer” w. Penalty for furnishing false information is also proposed to be enhanced in view of the escalation in prices. The Central Government may, at any time, review any decision or order of the Board or the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, and pass such orders thereon as it may deem fit:. The intention is to add the definition of the expression “corrupt practice” specified in sub-section 2 ofsection 28on the lines ofsection of the Representation of the People Act, 40 of ,Gaz.


Power to require repair or alteration of building. Power to institute suit for recovery Instead of proceeding against a defaulter by 1 [distress and sale of movable property or attachment and sale of immovable property] as hereinbefore provided in this Chapter, or after a defaulter has been so proceeded against unsuccessfully or with only partial success, any sum due or the balance of any sum due, as the case may be, from such defaulter on account of a tax may be recovered from him by a suit in any court of competent jurisdiction.


This lacuna is proposed to be removed bv suitable amendingsection ofthe Act –Gaz. Taking into consideration representations and suggestions made from various quarters and also other related matters like changes in the concept of municipal administration consistent with the necessity to ensure discipline, security, sanitation and health of the troops, the question as to what amendments should be made to the Act was referred to a Task Force which made a number of recommendations in this behalf.

Action on report submitted by Health Officer. The penalty for causing obstruction is proposed to be enhanced in view of the escalation in prices.

Indian Numbered Acts

However, this could not be done in absence of an enabling provision in the Act. Disposal of dist rained property 1 When the property seized is subject to speedy and natural decay, or when the expense of keeping it in custody is, when added to the amount to be recovered, likely to exceed its value, the Executive Officer shall give notice to the person in whose possession the property was at the time of seizure that it will be sold at once, and shall sell it accordingly by public auction unless the amount mentioned camtonment the warrant is forthwith cntonment.

The recommendations of the committee have now been examined by the Government of India and the conclusions arrived at are embodied in the BiH. Notice of erection of buildings. Appeals against assessment 1 [ 1 An appeal against the assessment or levy of, or against the refusal to refund, any tax under this Act shall lie to the District Court.