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Laurence Gardner, Prior of the Celtic Church’s Sacred Kindred of St . as much champions of the Holy Grail as were King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Galahad. The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 9 reviews. Ginny said: This book is very dry Laurence Gardner. · Rating details · ratings . Bloodline of the Holy Grail has ratings and 33 reviews. has been a hot topic during the last decade, and Gardner only offers a few original morsels. Very interesting, held my attention, but Sir Laurence would like us to believe that .

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Steve Stickel rated it it was ok Jul 15, In symbolic terms the Grail is often portrayed as a chalice that contains the blood of Jesus ; alternatively as a vine of grapes. The Grail Code is the essential key to democratic government.

Should you wish to register an interest in the purchase of this book please submit your details. When a dynastic child was conceived at the wrong time of year, the mother was generally placed in monastic custody for the birth so as to avoid public embarrassment.

Laurence Gardner – Wikipedia

Jun 12, Joan added it. He goes into great detail on the adult life of Jesus, along with the symbology of the Essenes and their rituals, and the culture of the messiani It might be a bit unfair for me to give this only three stars. In the course of our journey, we shall discuss many items which are thoroughly familiar, but we shall be looking at them from a different perspective to that normally conveyed. Subsequent to the original apostolic writings, the Gospels of the early Church were written in 2 nd and 3 rd century Greek.

This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat We will take you on a journey of discovery that will lead you to new paths of personal discovery. Probably the most misrepresented book of the New Testament is the book of The Revelation of St John the Divine – misrepresented by the Church, that is, not by the book itself. On the basis of this extraordinary, fictitious document, the bishops ruled that, even though Mary might have been a close companion of Jesuswomen were not to be afforded any place within the Church because they were not serious!


Published September 1st by Fair Winds Press first published This book is not yet featured on Listopia. But this rule has never been quite what it appears on the surface, for it was never sexual activity as such that bothered the Church. It was those extra three hours which enabled them to work with Jesus during a period of time wherein others were not allowed to undertake any physical activity. In his first Epistle to Timothy, Paul wrote: From the s, the powerful Knights Templars and their cathedrals posed an enormous threat to the male-only Church by bringing the heritage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to the fore in the public domain.

The Gospels explain that the land fell into darkness for three hours, which relates to our own split-second changing of clocks for daylight saving. Jesus was born in 7 BC and his birthday was on the equivalent of 1 March, with an official royal birthday on 15 September to comply with dynastic regulation and the month of Atonement.

As a result, the bishops portrayed Mother Mary as a virgin and Mary Magdalene as a whore – neither of which description was mentioned in any original Gospel. Half of it is written story, and half is footnotes and historical lineage charts. What he meant was that, even at that very early stage, there was already a discrepancy between what the Gospel writers had written and what the bishops wanted to teach.

This is history as it was once written, but has never been told. But the Church could never topple the Desposynic lines in Scotland, even though the old Celtic kingdoms of England had been dismantled by Germanic Anglo-Saxons from the 6 th century.

They were a constant threat to the Roman High Church and to the figurehead monarchs and governments empowered by that Church.

This book basically follows Joseph of Aramathea through Europe into Great Britain, and follows his bloodline down through many centuries. Aug 16, Ginny rated it it was amazing. It is, however, not just the Christian New Testament which suffers from these sexist restrictions. The text simply denoted that Joseph was a masterly, learned and scholarly man, and the description was especially concerned with matters of scientific metallurgy.


Refresh and try again.

In this regard we are all conditioned to receiving a very selective form of teaching. Many of the author’s suppositions are unbelievable. Edmund, was a frequent visitor to Laurence’s home where they would discuss Laurence’s latest books and the work of Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brienwhose pre-eminent research in their books The Shining Ones and The Genius of the Few helped facilitate Laurence’s work.

Soon afterwards, Isaac Newton pursued the concept of orbital force, but he too was condemned and it was not until recently, inthat the Church finally admitted that the Earth was in solar orbit. Actually, if this was such an important miracle as Church teaching promotes one would rightly expect the account to appear in the other Gospels as well.

The Illustrated Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed

But why did the geail persecutions begin at that particular time? Indeed, it is that very experience which holds the moral, cultural, political and social keys of tomorrow – and it is in this context that the Holy Grail supports its own Messianic code.

In fact, if we are really going to be precise, there were no stables in the region either. In actual fact, they do not.

I feel it gave me some insight into what life was like at the time of Jesus, and a greater respect for Jesus, who was not only Son of God, but son of man too. Not only that but, along with various other texts, it was sentenced to be destroyed. Historically, as far as the Christian Church was concerned, the Earth was flat and at the centre of the Universe.