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Sir Henry Rider Haggard, ( – ), known as H. Rider Haggard, was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 68 by H. Rider Haggard. Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard. No cover available. Hard on twenty years have gone by since that night of Leo’s vision — the most awful years, perhaps, which were ever endured by men.

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Ayesha First edition cover pub. Down it sank, and down and down, till it was but just above me, and I perceived that it was shaped like a tongue or fan of flame. His stories, situated at the lighter end of the scale of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential.

The book is interesting as to the hints of who or what Aesha may really be. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard ‘s She: Once again, we have a hidden temple, lost treasure, a shipwreck, reincarnation, savage African tribes who revere the titular character as a goddess, and, last but not least, a heroic big game hunter.

It wouldn’t be much of a story if she d This is the sequel to “She,” which Haggard published in18 years after the first book. Jan 11, Shahin Sultana rated it it was amazing. He is older now, and the sort of introspective weariness in his voice reflects that. With his choice, the mysterious life-force within the volcano reaches out and engulfs her — when it clears, her former beauty and majesty has been ayeshs. I read a lovely h.ridee edition of this book with beautiful paper and lots of lovely illustrations.

A fitting end to a tale of those who do not end.

Ayesha, the Return of She by H. Rider Haggard

What I would really have liked was more of the 16 years of travel, and less of the daily life in the College of Hess. Yet, in truth, is it a punishment? I’ll keep book-hunting for other works by H. You dreamed that she led you over sea and land, past places haunted by your memory, above the mysterious mountains of the Unknown to an undiscovered peak. However, I do not think The Return of She h.dider as entrancing as those two books. In the book’s prologue, the book’s anonymous “Editor” receives a parcel.


Ayesha (novel) – Wikipedia

H.roder as she had grown, her mother dies and This is one of H. In silence we walked, till at last Leo groaned — it was more of a sob than a groan — and clasped my arm. The regular people live upon the sides of the mountains or in the valley. Retrieved from ” https: Everything about BENITA feels a little silly and don’t get me started on the cheesy romance bitsbut it’s certainly an amusing enough way to pass an afternoon.

I shall know it again, for it is built in the shape of a half-moon and in front of it sits the gigantic, ruined statue of a god who gazes everlastingly across the desert. Refresh and try again. I haggarr the layers of characterization, everyone is flawed and both the heroines are quite ev The sequel to She, this is quite a long read and i was expecting a lot of messing about before getting to the main plot this wasn’t the case however, it jumped quite quickly into the action and there really isn’t any wasted pages.

Rider Haggardpublished inas a sequel to She. A History of Adventure. When spring breaks, they travel out into the uncharted region beyond the monastery; after a perilous journey and many narrow escapes, they arrive in the city of Kaloon, which is ruled by the evil Khan Rassen and his imperious wife, the Khania Atene, who claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great ‘s ancient Hellenist generals. Sorry, no links available.

In light of the fact that the overwhelming preponderance jaggard Haggard’s books are sadly out of print, this book becomes even more worthy an addition to any fan’s library. Think as you will, Horace, and do what you will.

Ayesha: The Return of She Book Summary and Study Guide

Has it ever left your side? The Dover edition comes with beautiful illustrations from the original edition that greatly enhance the text. The divinity and mortality of Ayeshato my disappointment, was not resolved. After something goes awry in the rejuvenation process, the protagonists escape. When the narrative of Holly’s manuscript begins, nearly twenty years have passed since their first adventure in Africa, but he and his ward Leo Vincey are convinced that Ayesha did not die.

Professor Holly and Leo flee on horseback from Rassen. I loved that book even more than the original She. Whereas in “She” the character of Ayesha is a cruel, mysterious philosopher ever in regretful mourning, attempting to atone for past sins, in this sequel she is more a fickle, tyrannical priestess striving to overcome the barriers of physical life in an attempt to reach the timeless, spiritual union of love she believes is possible.


We were heart-broken, we were in despair. Also I saw that the fire which shone through it rose from the crater of a volcano beyond. This causes a serious storm of jealous, possessive rage from Ayesha, and the reader wants to ask Atene how she saw the wisdom in trying to steal a man from a Stage 5 Clinger who has waited for him, killed for him, and chased him for years?

Clearly he was much moved. Lists with This Book. The continuing adventures of Holly and Leo. I usually enjoy H. I, Ludwig Horace Holly, have been very ill; they carried me, more dead than alive, down those mountains whose lowest slopes I can see from my window, for I write this on the northern frontiers of India. True, there is something less transgressive about her, but the fluidity of her identity and the scope of her plans for global domination are fascinating. Do you pay me thus for all my love and care, and wish to drive me to my death?

Following their dreams, they wander for years through Asia, eventually coming to ” Thibet ” as it is spelled in the book. It changed its shape, the crest of it grew hollow like a crater. I did enjoy this though found it not quite as good as She.

Moreover it is written; the man whom I trusted in hahgard matter did not haggars me, and the book he made of it seems to be known throughout the world, for I have found it here in English, yes, and read it first translated into Hindostani. To the horror of Leo and Holly, Ayesha reveals she has been reborn into the body of a wizened old crone, her beauty gone. I will take comfort.