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Elias Canetti · Paperback Auto Da Fé is the story of Peter Kien, a distinguished, reclusive sinologist living in Germany between the wars. Auto-da-Fé, novel by Elias Canetti, published in in German as Die Blendung (“The Deception”). It was also published in English as The Tower of Babel. Complete summary of Elias Canetti’s Auto-da-Fé. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Auto-da-Fé.

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The point is that for this reader I see Peter Kein differently, despite none of this mentioned in the text, at different times. I’ve got something much better here. Per lui esistono solo libri, libri, libri a perdita d’occhio che custodisce gelosamente nella sua biblioteca privata. No one doubted the red. Gently Mad An Unreliable Reader. Canetti sustained the imagery he established above, extended it, and wrote with a previously undetected and much appreciated lyricism.

The other book that mine got substitute Two in a two days! Virtue fr nothing but misinterpreted vileness. Among themselves, they spoke the Spanish dialect called Ladino, and they had until recently been Turkish citizens. The fact that Fischerle wants to become chess world champion and another anti-semitic Jew with the same name fulfilled this dream decades later is an almost uncanny coincidence.

If you don’t say thank-you, you give the show away and your atuo smell a rat. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of View all 13 comments. I found the reading of the first half of the book truly exhausting.

He feels at peace only when he can glance at all of his 25, books. It was substituted with Auto Da Fe: He had never seen one naked. It is Peter Kien’s realm. What happens if you believe blindly, and violently This is the world as we know it – crazy as can be!


I did read some of the volumes of his autobiography but I think I got rid of them, except for the first volume which I still have here. She was not looking for anything; what could she be looking for? As always, Canetti masters his dialogues, uato with a stunning interview between professor Kien and a young boy in front of a book shop, immediately showing the connection between the two worlds in the novel, and their difficulties uato understand and tolerate each other: His portrait of his mother in the memoir is of the deepest interest.

The tendency appears to be to blame the ‘system’, to look for procedural and regulatory solutions. Notify me of new comments via email.

Auto-da-Fé by Elias Canetti

Yes, it was twenty years or more since I first read it. He was a great man in China. Little description of Mister Kien’s physical appearance is provided.

It was eventually released in View all cabetti comments. It will enhance him.

For twenty years he had not heard these sounds; every day on his morning walk he passed this spot. If you are thinking of starting this novel today, think carefully and know that you do not have my recommendation. Every character seems to present a type of insanity, with the exception of Georges Kien, who in fact venerates insanity, to the point of regarding it as superior, even holy Canetti, They’re of no value. To name this dwarf Siegfried is also very revealing, as is his pretended anti-semitism at the time of the publication, Siegfried was probably the most popular male first name of German assimilated Jews, who had usually much admiration for the music of the ferocious anti-semite Richard Wagner.


Years later, his mother told him what had really happened when his father died. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. However, Canetti’s smile is a bit sadder, a touch of melancholy weighting it down at the corners. A Russian Affair my love affair with Russian literature.

On the very evening of their wedding, a relentless battle begins over who will dominate in the apartment. The story, which can certainly auo itself is enlightened by Canetti’s style of hovering in the omniscient third person.

Almost half my life. Our worth in life? There is something wry going on here. Each character shark- swims. This life we hold so precious is an illusion but not in the cliched way. The main character Kien, wants to believe his wife is now dead. Without advice or consultation Peter marries his housekeeper. Flias cannot avoid certain similes. English, then, was not to be — could it ever have been?

Auto-da-Fé (novel) – Wikipedia

Bookshelves reaching several meters high line the walls. A tough bitter one, truthful as it may be. So that’s your reason for standing here? There is a deeper reason for this.