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The Audiolab X7 is a genuine one-box, seven channel power amplifier, capable of handling even difficult loudspeaker loads – it will cleanly deliver 7 x. The Audiolab X7 gives you home cinema sound so powerful you will think you at the movies, matched with the Audiolab AV Pre-Amplifier you can. If ever a brand typified the most conservative values of reliable, performance- driven British hi-fi, then Audiolab alongside its IAG stablemate, Quad, would be.

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The amp is now sold. There is no on-board high-resolution audio capability True-HDas Audiolab figured that discerning HT fans would have an upmarket Blu-ray player with on-board decoding.

John Howe’s Audiojumble Website. Our Verdict Great power amp, but the matching processor needs more features too reach greatness. So are the changes timely, or too little, too late?

Slight nudge to the top. Johnny Black’s Rocksource Archive. Once installed, the X7 may be left in standby mode and activated either by an audio signal or external trigger. This can be achieved simply by changing switch settings on the rear of 8000s7 unit.

My Pat Metheny Live Blu-ray disc really came alive as the clean resolving power of the Audiolabs made for excellent viewing and listening. The X7 is a much less high-tech affair. Both products performed beautifully during my listening tests, PCM audio from Blu-ray disc proving to be a treat with discs such as Rambo reallyI Am Legend and Bladerunner. As 2 channel audio has become more and more Spartan and stripped-down in the pursuit of better sound quality, HT technology has raced off in the other direction with its THX, HDMI, DTS-HD and a plethora of other acronyms that seemingly force a reinvention of the technology every year or so.


For access to partner forums, contributor archives and other consumer electronics resources, please click on the links below MadHat on October 18, Which is why the launch of its first AV product demands some serious attention. The Audiolab AP has five line stereo inputs and one 5.

Audiolab AP/X7 | TechRadar

The DAC performance is impressive too, with notably fine high treble and very clear decay of notes into silence. It seems that a multichannel system like this can indeed give musical satisfaction. These would drive the front pair of a 5.

Against Short of the audio and video facilities you might expect at this price. Bold audio It seems that a multichannel system like this can indeed give musical satisfaction. With an elegant simplicity, the X7 is a powerful audiophile performer.

Such limitations as this duo has are to do with resolution and analysis and in these areas it is not a match for the Bryston. Audiolab AP rear view It makes sense in that respect, but the AP will decode a hi-res soundtrack as multi-channel PCM so those without players but with decoders built in will still be in for a bit of a treat sound wise.


Audiolab AP/X7 Processor/Power Amp Review –

The partnering X7 power amplifier is engineered solidly enough where it counts, but the plain alloy faceplate and pressed steel chassis and bonnet are a trifle utilitarian.

It also has seven digital inputs three electrical, four optical and two HDMI inputs, plus one optical digital output and one HDMI to feed a projector audillab plasma screen. Dynamic and muscular audjolab It’s a very functional looker, seemingly built to withstand a direct hit from a 4×4. Surprised this has not gone yet.

Audiolab 8000AP/8000X7 (£1000/£1500)

All the same, the higher frequencies in this track were clear and natural and the overall presentation encouraged musical, rather than technical thoughts in the listeners. It is in good condition but unfortunately no packaging. Classical music also showed off the Audiolabs to good advantage, with the relationship between instruments particularly admired.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Please login or register. Sure, it’ll take PCM audio from your Blu-ray or HD DVD player, and yes, you can instruct said player to convert every form of sound stored on your discs into a PCM signal that 80007 Audiolab can understand — but wouldn’t you rather be able to listen to your discs’ soundtracks in their unconverted form?

Originally published in the June issue.