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Review. It is almost impossible to single out one album from this remarkable comic book series, but Legionary comes closest to perfection. A masterclass in. Asterix the Legionary (French: Asterix legionnaire) is the tenth book in the Asterix series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first published as s\dASa. “Asterix the Legionary” is the funniest album in the series so far. It reads like classic Vaudeville steeped in Roman history. It’s a laugh on every.

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This is the first time anyone mentions him in the series. Caesar was smart enough to have an answer for the elephants, by the way. Caesar has volunteered Tragicomix into his Legions and is shipping him off to fight in Africa. Mar 18, Laura rated it really liked it. D Ptenisnet leyionary complains about the accommodation and asking to see the menu. Most translations seem to have something to do with Sunday in them. He ended up dedicating most of his leegionary to ridiculous-looking Gauls but he was classically trained and his anatomy is flawless.

Subtle insults to English cooking! Be the first to ask a question about Asterix the Legionary. Page 30, Panel 1 “Never on Sunday!

Scipio committed suicide while fleeing to Hispania. The civil war aspect is rather amusing because the whole idea of the Roman army fighting the Roman army is quite farcical, especially how they actually don’t know who is fighting whom because they are all wearing the same uniform. Look at the middle panel in those first three tiers, too. Return to Book Page.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Asterix and Obelix travel to Condatum, where they learn that Tragicomix has already left for Massiliathe Mediterranean port from which the soldiers depart, and themselves enlist in the army astfrix follow him, alongside Hemispheric the Goth ; Selectivemploymentax the Briton ; Gastronomix the Belgian ; Neveratalos the Greek ; and Ptenisnet, an Egyptian tourist who spends the entire book believing himself to be in a holiday camp.


Asterix the Legionary French: Stack Exchange French Language. Jan 27, Travis rated it really liked it Shelves: But on Page 31, Panel 8 it has changed! By using this site, you agree to the Terms asgerix Use and Privacy Policy.

Asterix the Legionary

I laughed as they constantly thwarted Julius Caesar, I loved traveling with them to every corner of Europe and north Africa and when Uderzo took over both duties, as far away as America and Persiaas they competed in the Olympics in Greece, and built the great pyramids.

One of the best!

In the real world, Caesar won this battle too, as he won nearly all of them. The guy to the left of Caesar is Charlier – a textwriter colleague of Goscinny.

Adam pour la Sorbonne. And would later go on to paint some… interesting Duck nudes. In Germany, a separate industry of Asterix volumes has developed that are also incredible fun. English language tbe date: Sep 14, Amalie rated it it was amazing Shelves: The annoyed feeling Asterix has continues to build up over the course of this page.

After completing basic training and repeatedly and comically driving their instructors to the verge of tearsthe newly formed unit sets off as reinforcements to Caesar against ScipioAfraniusand King Juba I of Numidia. There are still quite a few more to go, and at leegionary stage I am still waiting for another two compendiums to arrive from the United States and I do hope they get here because I am really stressing out about these latest Amazon ordersso I will hopefully manage to get through all of them sometime soon.


Le blog de R. May 13, Mimi rated it liked it Shelves: Throughout the story the Egyptian makes comments in hieroglyphics about hairy body parts — this is based on child’s game in France that involves repeating back a rhyme of whatever was last said in the form of ” old hairy body part.

Possibly the funniest of all the Asterix books–the cross-cultural stuff is very, very amusing, and the names alone are enough to make me applaud. They are the same stories, but the dialogue is translated into a wide variety of German dialects. Thanks ,egionary another great review.

Asterix the Legionary – Asterix – The official website

May 14, Subu rated it it was amazing. Settled originally by the Greeksit became an ally of Rome and a major shipping port, with its convenient and valuable waterfront property along the Mediterranean Sea. Well, any love sick individual would probably sit back, wait until he is killed, and then make his move, but not Asterix and Obelix — they are too noble and honourable to do that, so they do what any good and noble person would do in such a situation — they asherix the Roman army to go off and rescue him.

The colour seperations art off set on many pages and the colour often sits not just out the lines bit way out. Not just all ages comics, but comics as a form.

It was the day debts were due and the day the priests would announce how many days were in that month.