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A woman burdened by war A doctor torn between passion and duty A sweeping tale of love in the face of dishonor from the incomparable storyteller– Kathleen. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’ sweeping, page civil war romance ASHES IN THE WIND warmly engages readers. It’s incredible that a book. Ashes In The Wind By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Woodiwiss, creator of the modern historical romance, died July 6, in Minnesota. Roberta’s parents arrive on the scene and a befuddled Cole must marry Roberta considering the evidence in plain sight. I feel as though now that I’ve read my first Woodiwiss novel I can officially label myself a fan of the bodice-ripper genre. Alaina assumes the identity of her friend Mrs. Okay I guess I am ready to write my review for this book. Ashes in the Wind. View all 11 comments.

Profound emotion and love scenes that make your toes curl without a graphic detail included make this one for the ages. At the Craighugh home, Cole meets Alaina’s cousin Roberta, a twenty-two year-old superficial beauty after money. They felt as though they were almost two completely different stories.

Uno dei migliori libri della Woodiwiss che ho letto. All this in a bodice ripper? Outweighs all common sense! Paperbackpages. I can’t wrap my head around the idea of a woman passing of Okay I guess I am ready to write my review for this book.

Woodiwiss instead submitted it to paperback publishers. Typical of Kathleen Woodiwiss, this is a long—nearly epic—tale. I felt like I had just run the mile in highschool that seems to take forever and then just like that its done and time for a cold shower in the locker room with no cool-down time before its time for my next class. The first publisher on her list, Avon, quickly purchased the novel and arranged an initialprint run.

Three Huge, Terrible Misunderstandings and still three quarters to get through? Jun 04, Karla rated it it was amazing. I found the book’s attempts to describe the civil war an anemic affair, and the focus firmly rests on Alaina and her struggle.


Kqthleen MacGaren is forced to flee the devastation of her homeland in the guise of a young boy, only to find sanctuary in the un of an enemy. The similarities drop away kwthleen the southern setting and prewar life disappears Asnes can honestly say, this is my most favorite book of all. Scoperto da sola, mentre cercavo autrici di romance, me ne sono innamorata!

And I hated the way Alaina treated him. The tension then mellows e.woodiwise to a loving care and giving on both their parts as they finally succumb to their passions. Che tthe oltre le convenzioni, oltre la guerra e oltre il loro Orgoglio e Pregiudizio! She’s stubborn, runs away a lot, puts herself in danger and finally realizes almost too late how much she loves our hero Cole.

Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Though seventeen, she had masqueraded as a stripling lad beneath the very noses of the Yankees. I read grim, we see grim every day on the news so having something that takes you through hell and back again with a happy ending is kinda nice, right now.

She died in a hospital on July 6, in Princeton, Minnesota, aged 68, from cancer.

Her characters are richly drawn. Cole being rescued from the river – 2 times. Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E.

Cole also offers Al work at the hospital he’s stationed at and Al agrees to earn her keep at the Craighugh home. When Alaina sees her virgin blood, she runs from the room as Cole sleeps away his injury and inebriation after taking Alaina’s virginity. Expect to experience a full gamut of emotions when you read this, and to close it with a smile and contentment. My rating remains four stars. It was however, so completely over the top that it left me breathless at the end There’s a connection and chemistry here that actually overshadows the common scientific ministrations of a libertine initiating a virgin or near-virgin to sexual passion, a initiation “plot” often dominating romance novels.

I all but gulped and breathed it in voraciously, reading while eating, getting up during the night to see what would happen next, only to end up reading all night long, and sighed with satisfaction and gratification, in the afterglow of the end. Yet Destiny has joined them for good or ill–and they both must follow where their hearts would lead them, if they are to build a glorious new life together out of the ashes of the old.


Admittedly, one of my biggest pet peeves in a story is the whole “girl-in-pants” deal. Alaina literally running into Jacques – 4 times What a book!

Woodiwiss was the youngest of eight siblings.

Ashes in the Wind

Alaina, of course, detests Yankees. Cole me las ha hecho pasar canutas pero me encanta.

You get the wretched feelings of being torn apart by loyalties and ideas of decency and when they get sacrificed. La forza interiore di Alaina mi ha catturato, in ogni momento del libro, dal primo travestimento per fuggire ad un ingiustizia fino alla fine dove lotta tenacemente per la propria famiglia, passando per il difficile periodo nel quale ne lei ne Cole ammettano fino in fondo i propri sentimenti!

Ashes in the Wind by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss – FictionDB

Still the book was fun overall, epic in proportions, iwnd love was equal parts fun and heartwarming by highlighting the connection between our leading pair, and the plotting was laced with engaging intrigue.

Cole had second thoughts as to her charity when she slapped the frigid bulk of snow onto his leg, almost katbleen him straight out of the bed. Unfortunately, Woodiwiss intersperses clues which portends the return of villains at the end, and Cole and Alaina just seem to ignore all the ashse and fail to proactively dig deeper and possibly prepare better against villains at the end who have them at a decided disadvantage.

On the down side, this also attracts DuBonne’s attentions. He was bullied into a marriage he didn’t really want in the beginning, and was very much the tortured “big-baby” hero for most of the 2nd half of the book.