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I–III (București: Editura Institutului Biblic şi de Misiune al Bisericii Ortodoxe D. Stăniloae, Spiritualitate ortodoxă: ascetica și mistica (București: Editura. Reformele iosefine in Transilvania şi urmările lor in viaţa socială. Spiritualitate şi comuniune in liturghia ortodoxă. Ascetica şi mistica Bisericii Ortodoxe. Pr Dumitru Staniloae Ascetica Si Mistica – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free.

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Dumitru Staniloae – Dictionarul Teologilor Romani

It is believed that these powers can grant us the answer to all questions and can help us evolve spiritually. You may choose any subject you wish. Depending on the occult tradition, this case can vary. The Experience of God: The Magic Grimoire Of Armadel. Mastering Your Hidden Self: Astral Projection – Aacetica Dreaming. Daemonolatry Goetia de S. Demonolatry Rites de S.

Complete Book Of Demonolatry de S. Common sense, adequate morality, love and empathy for others would be the keys of safety in occultism. Ascetlca de Edward Hurtt Jewett. Sane Occultism – Dion Fortune. The Gnostic Gospels de Elaine Pagels. The Secret Doctrine de Helena Blavatsky.


Books by Dumitru Stăniloae

Gods of the Ancient Northmen de Georges Dumezil. Are there women in Occultism? Jesus The Magician de Morton Smith. How to develop Psychic Abilities de Mark Stavish.

Voudon Gnosis de David Beth. How can I become an Occultist? Demonology And Witchcraft de Robert Brown. Hecate’s Womb de Jason Perdue.

Beyond the Five Senses de Margery L. We are interested in articles on any subject about Occultism, Esoterism, Religion and Spirituality. The Gnostics and their remains-C. Even if we accept members of any belief, the administration i. Hekas de Andrew Chumbley. Living Wicca de Scott Cunningham. True Grimoire de Jake Stratton Kent. Biseriici de Jeremy Christner.

The Black Arts de Richard Cavendish. For this we ask you to read the section About Us. African Traditional Religion de Aloysius Lugira. Rosic rucianism – Freema sonry Secret Societies.

Luciferian Witchcraft de Michael W. Grand Grimoire of Albert The Great. Satanism de Paul Elvidge. Maat Magick de Nema. The authors are different, have different beliefs and different concepts and this may be seen in the articles. The difference between an occultist and a dabbler is measured in years and dedication. Traditionally it is needed an initiation done by either a Master or another Initate.


Galdrabok de Stephen Flowers. It matters what gisericii does with what he learns and what he obtains. The Way of the Shaman de Michael Harner. In the same way, we can ask if religion or knowledge are prtodoxe, and an adequate reflection over their benefits would reveal many atrocities done by their more unstable adepts.