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Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Church’s Missionary Activity (Ad Gentes Divinitus) (December 7, ), in Austin Flannery, ed., Vatican Council II: The. AD GENTES DIVINITUS Decree of the Second Vatican Council on the Church’s missionary activity. The Church’s mission is defined as. Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church) is a decree released during the Second Vatican Council that announces the Catholic Church’s.

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Finally, by means of this missionary activity, God is fully glorified, provided that men fully and consciously accept His work of salvation, which He has accomplished in Christ.

This response, however can only be given when the Add Spirit gives His inspiration and His power. Let them train the laity to become conscious of the responsibility which they as members of Christ have for all men; let them instruct them deeply in the mystery of Christ, introduce them to practical divintius, and be at their side in difficulties, according to the tenor of the Constitution Lumen Gentium and the Decree Apostolicam Actuositatem.

Then the episcopal conference and the institutes in joint deliberation should lay down norms governing the relations between local Ordinaries and divinitys institutes. Therefore their training must be so accomplished and so adapted to advances on the cultural level that as reliable coworkers of the priestly order, they may perform their task well, though it be weighed down with new and greater burdens.

Teaching the Spirit of Mission Ad Gentes: Continuing Pentecost Today

Abba, Father But the Word divniitus in all, in one temple, namely that which he assumed for us and from us, that having us, ail in himself, he might say, as Paul says, reconcile all in one ar to the Father” PG 73, What this council has decreed concerning priestly vocations and formation, should be divinitu observed where the Church is first planted, and among the young churches.

Whence the duty that lies on the Church of spreading the faith and the salvation of Christ, not only in virtue of the express command which was inherited from the Apostles by the order of bishops, assisted by the priests, together with divinitsu successor of Peter and supreme shepherd of the Church, but also in virtue of that life which flows from Christ into His members; “From Him the whole body, being closely joined and knit together through every joint of the system, according to the functioning in due measure of each single part, derives its increase to the building up of itself in love” Eph.

Preaching the Gospel and Gathering together the People of God Hence, by the very necessity of mission, all the baptized are called to gather into one flock, and thus they will be able grntes bear unanimous witness before the nations to Christ their Lord. Dogmatic constitution, ” Lumen Gentium ,” 1.


Doubtless, the Holy Spirit was already at work in the world before Christ was glorified. It is vitally important that those who are involved in the teaching ministry of the Church spread the Word.

It is the bishop’s role, as the ruler and center of unity in the diocesan apostolate, to promote missionary activity, to direct it and to coordinate it but always in such a way that the zeal and spontaneity of those who share in the work may be preserved and fostered. It is also necessary to coordinate the information, and to cooperate with national and international agencies.

On the basis of trust built through love, all Catholics reach out as missionaries and confidently announce the Good News of Christ with words and deeds. For through them, far – away peoples are sometimes made near; and an excellent opportunity is offered to communities which have long been Christian to converse with nations which have not yet heard the Gospel, and to show them in their own dutiful love and aid, the genuine face of Christ.

This page was last edited on 25 Novemberat The local priests in the young churches should zealously address themselves to the work of spreading the Gospel, and join forces with the foreign missionaries who form with them one college of priests, united under the authority of the bishop. However, the law of the Oriental Churches is eivinitus remain untouched. The Apostles themselves, on gentrs the Church was founded, following in the footsteps of Christ, “preached the word of truth and begot churches.

Teaching the Spirit of Mission Ad Gentes: Continuing Pentecost Today

Sometimes, throughout the entire extent of some region, they will take certain tasks upon themselves; e. For since they are joined to the Church, they are already of the household of Christ, 7 and not seldom they are already leading a life of faith, hope, and charity.

For the Church, although of itself including the totality or fullness of the means of salvation, does not and cannot always and instantly bring them all into action.

By the preaching of the word and by the celebration of the sacraments, the center and summit of which is the most holy Eucharist, He brings about the presence of Christ, the author of salvation. Let religious men and women, and the laity too, show the same fervent zeal toward their countrymen, especially toward the poor.

And yet, let everyone know that their first and most important obligation for the spread of the Faith is this: Missionaries go forth to bring the Church to where it has not yet been founded and to build up churches that are struggling.

Ad Gentes (Decree on the Mission Activity of the Church)

Dogmatic constitution ” Lumen Gentium ,” They must be acquainted with this culture; they must heal it and preserve it; they must develop it in accordance with modern conditions, and finally perfect it in Christ, so that the Faith of Christ and the life of the Church are no longer foreign to the society in which they live, but begin to permeate and to transform it.

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Nor should there be wanting some who are perfectly skilled in the use of practical instruments and the means of social communication, the importance of which should be highly appreciated by all. Decree, ” On Ecumenism ,” Let families flourish which are imbued with the spirit of the Gospel 13 and let them be assisted by good schools; let associations and groups be organized by means of which the lay apostolate will be able to permeate the whole of society with the spirit of the Gospel.

It exercises the collegial spirit of her hierarchy. He took the burdens of all people upon himself and, in carrying them to the Cross, transformed all time and all people in his Resurrection.

Closely united with men in their life and work, Christ’s disciples hope to render to others true witness of Christ, and to work for their salvation, even where they are not able divinirus announce Christ fully. In his own diocese, with which he constitutes one unit the bishop, stimulating, promoting and directing the work for the missions, makes the mission spirit and zeal of the People of God present and as it were visible, so that the whole diocese becomes missionary.

Concerning Pentecost as the consecration of the Apostles to their mission, cf. Interreligious Dialogue and Mission In her missionary work, the Church encounters many different faiths. And yet these two ends are most gentds connected with the missionary zeal 15 because the division among Christians damages the most holy cause of preaching the Gospel to every creature 16 and blocks the way to the faith for many.

All these things, with equal reason, should be extended to include the cooperation of missionary institutes in the home lands, so that questions and joint projects can be settled with less expense, as for instance the formation of future missionaries, as divinitud as courses for missionaries, relations with public authorities and with international or supranational organizations.

Institutes of the contemplative life, by their prayers, sufferings, and works of penance have a very great importance in the conversion of souls, because ac is God who sends workers into His harvest gentex He is asked to do so cf.