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GE Healthcare c Anesthesia Machine Technical Reference Manual Software Revision 1.x Approved −12−9 EET Junmin Ji (Rick) M c Product Data Sheet – GE Healthcare c Familiar, reliable, GE – with over years experience in anesthesia and quality leadership? 53 cm/21 in Depth: 40 cm/16 in Side of machine: cm/45 in Height: The c is the ideal solution for customers seeking an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use anaesthesia system. The c is designed and manufactured in.

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The ventilator portion provides mechanical ventilation to a patient during surgery as well as monitoring and displaying various patient parameters. The selectable service tests are displayed in categorical order.

This is ideal solution for customers seeking a precise, versatile and dependable anesthesia system and has neonatal capabilities and ventilation modes that make it a versatile choice for all types of day care, low-medium acuity and multi-specialty hospitals.

Smooth and durable surfaces make the c easy to clean. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. WARNING Section 4, “Service Tests and Service Mode” must be performed whenever you access any internal component of the ventilator to verify that all critical parts of the ventilator are still operational and within specification.

Multipurpose Anaesthesia Machine- 9100C

Activate the appropriate options on the Function Upgrade menu Section 4. Remove the ACGO cap mounting screws. Repeat the above measurement two more times deflate bellows by removing the plug from the patient port. While pushing the selector knob toward the machine and holding it steady, push the valve body toward the knob and rotate it counterclockwise to separate the valve body from the knob assembly. Clean with isopropyl alcohol if necessary; retest. To replace the switch, reassemble in reverse order.


Verify that parts are free of dust and dirt. Remove the test device and the anestesia. Close the cylinder valve disconnect pipeline from source and screw watch the test gauge as the O2 pressure bleeds down slowly.

Insert the tubing into the fitting until the ferrule seats in the fitting. Test each vaporizer for low-pressure leaks: Carestation Series Carestation 6oo Series TM andsthesia a reliable and agile anaesthesia platform with machien tools to help simplify your daily work and manage non-ordinary events. ISO 3 kPa 9. Engine The pneumatic Vent Engine consists of the hardware that drives the ventilator bellows.

Lift the upper shelf. Connect the test adapter port 3 to the common gas outlet. Paw high User Alarm Paw is greater than Plimit. If required, repeat zero and span procedure Section 5.

Place the canister latch lever in position. Transfer the remaining components to the new enclosure speaker, encoder, inverter. Therefore, GE agrees to make available Interfacing information and data, as described in the Machime Commitment, between the following product combinations: User Alarm The mains supply is not Ventilate manually to save Middle connected or has failed and power.

Anesthesia Delivery

The pressure must not decrease. This can cause injury or death. Remove the upper shelf. Replace as E necessary. The tester o-ring should create a seal with the top of the valve. An electrical switch monitors the O2 supply pressure. Reconnect the wires to the ACGO mode microswitch at the back of the valve top two terminals.


Reconnect the tubing to the valve block. Install the vaporizer front panel. The bottom portion of the cartridge is defined as the brass surface that is inserted in the lower spring. Test the regulator setting per the appropriate test in Section 5. A pressure relief valve helps anestnesia the system from high pressures.

GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machine- C, ICU Use, Medical Use | ID:

When the exhalation port is open, anestuesia flows from the bellows housing to the scavenging port. Comments and suggestions on this manual are invited from our customers. If a regulator is replaced, the replacement regulator must be set as required to the same specification as the one removed.

Observe the following precautions: Insert the flapper assembly into the ACGO outlet with the flapper up. This Technical Reference manual was prepared for exclusive use by GE Healthcare service personnel in light of their training and experience as well as the availability to them of parts, proper tools and test equipment.

It does so by reading the value for inspiratory flow and expiratory flow measurement differential pressure. Remove the pipeline inlet fitting.