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6SEUDAA1. –. –. – .. Instruction Manual for details. LC filter and sinusoidal .. General installation instructions. Availability of the. (n. di ordinazione 6SE . You will find the Operating Instructions on the Docu CD delivered with your inverter. If and Notes contained in these manuals. MICROMASTER kW – kW. Operating Instructions. Issue 12/ User Documentation. 6SEAWBP0.

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Siemens MICROMASTER 440 Operating Instructions Manual

In addition to the main setpoint 1 positiona supplementary setpoint 2 position can be selected refer to Table This means that the drive inverter is presently handling another higher-priority task. P Ramp Generator P Setpoint Channel Depending on external circumstances, the supplementary setpoint can be dynamically disconnected or switched-in to the summation point refer to Fig. After quick commissioning has been completed, P is re-displayed.

Pid Controller technological Controller refer to Fig.

Make sure that the cooling vents in 6sse6440-2ud21-1aa1 inverter are positioned correctly to allow free movement of air. DC-Comp parameter P Auto detect V switch-on levels either directly using the line supply voltage P or indirectly using the DC link voltage and r refer to the formula in Fig.

Load Torque Monitoring This avoids erroneous alarms which could be caused by brief transient states refer to Fig.

Page The motor moment of inertia P is directly calculated during the quick commissioning refer to Section 3.

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Siemens MICROMASTER Operating Instructions Manual (Page 10 of 78)

This therefore 6se6440-2hd21-1aa1 the speed reduction, caused by the load, by boosting increasing the drive inverter output frequency refer to Fig. This is more significant for larger motors. Positioning Down Ramp In order to carry-out the residual distance calculation on the load side, the mechanical arrangement of the axis gearbox ratio, linear or rotary axis must be appropriately parameterized refer to Fig.

Unfiltered units, all voltages and powers.

Jog In addition to the explicit parameterization P and Pthe JOG functionality is also enabled via parameter P or P implicit parameterization. Page The chopper of the manuak module switches the resistor with a mark- space ratio corresponding to the regenerative power to be dissipated.

Depending on the ADC type or source, the appropriate connection must be made.

A BOP does not have a local memory. Page 37 – Fig. When parameterizing and setting the drive system, then as far as possible, it should be tested using real loads! Page Thermal motor protection refer to Section 3. These values have default settings so that the “Fault and shutdown” thresholds do not respond. Page 31 Page 32 – Fig.

6ae6440-2ud21-1aa1 P Motor power limit P Regenerative power limit Stall limiting locked rotor limiting The stall limiting is internally calculated in the drive from the motor data. Line supply voltage P or ramp-down time P too low The moment of inertia of the driven load is too high Remedy: Thermal motor protection refer to Section 3.

Page 8 The connection of power, motor and control cables to the inverter must be carried out as shown in Fig. Table Parameter Attributes While DC braking, there is no other way of influencing the drive speed using an external control. An appropriate signal can be generated by smoothing the analog signal P refer to Section 3. Thermal Monitoring Functions And Overload Responses However, the possibilities of assigning parameters only involves interventions below the shutdown threshold which cannot be changed by users.

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Once installation has been completed and the inverter connected, fasten the two retaining bolts for the front cover at the bottom side of the door.

Speed Controller — Speed Freq. Compound Braking DC-Comp parameter P Auto detect V switch-on levels either directly using the line supply voltage P or indirectly using the DC link voltage and r refer to the formula in Fig. Page 46 Vector control Alarm messages are stored in parameter r under their code number e. Closed-loop Torque Control P Parameter P is used for mnual control refer to the Grouping. Page 67 – Fig. When the line supply returns, the energy feed is again from the line side 6se6440-2uf21-1aa1 the output frequency of the drive inverter returns to the selected setpoint along the ramp defined by the ramp-function generator.