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Updates to information contained in this publication are available on the MCI Web .. Allowances A Motor Transport Operator NCO A Troubleshooting. BASIC WAREHOUSING Course ID H L F B A C C A Documents Similar To MCI Catalog. Welcome to the Official Unofficial MCI Answers Webpage. This website was made as convienice for the Marine that truely would rather be drinking beer than .

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Designed for Pvt-Sgt who are assigned duties as disbursing clerks or in an allied field. Designed for SSgt-WO in occupational field Using A Introduction to Warfighting as a building block. Provides situational problems to increase the student’s knowledge of problem solving and decisionmaking. The following manuals can be accessed from the MCI Web site.

Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations: Emphasizes maintenance management terminology. The course emphasizes leadership and the basic mechanics of training management.

This accreditation provides MCI an external standard for improving services and programs through periodic evaluations by an outside agency and by self-evaluation.

Other services should determine credits awarded based on their service regulations.

A passing grade enables the student to begin the next module. This program is the prerequisite for sergeants to attend the resident Sergeant’s Course and is a requirement for promotion to staff sergeant.


When a library or education center is equipped with these courses. School of Infantry Bldg. Washington Navy Yard DC Corporal through Gunnery Sergeant.

Although not a requirement. Once the student feels confident with his performance. This course also provides instruction concerning engagement. The letter must include the full name. It is intended as a guide only and does not replace the sentence computation application within the Corrections Management Information System software.

Designed for all heavy machinegunners. To request a duplicate diploma. NCO Provides the student with a basic knowledge of the day-to-day operations and procedures a noncommissioned officer in the MOS is required to know.

Designed for Pvt-GySgt in the 01 occupational field. This course is designed for Marines in the ranks of private to corporal in MOS who are or may be assigned to combat engineer battalions.

This handbook is designed as a ready reference for the AAV crewman while conducting field operations. Discusses procedures for indirect fire support and advanced land navigation. This handbook is applicable to those needing a quick reference on topics relating to the functioning and maintenance of the M9 service pistol. This handbook addresses the fundamentals of survival in an NBC environment.

It allows the student to review course descriptions. This MCI student combines scholarly virtue and application of his or her education to benefit the Corps.


Fire Planning for Offensive Missions. This handbook covers material applicable to all aviation maintenance MOSs. This handbook provides a review of basic land navigation skills. Covers technical inspection to identify defects in the weapon. This reference provides instructions on the procedures for loading frequencies and preset frequencies.

MCI Catalog

Marines must have access to current motor transport orders. The purpose of each program. This course is designed for all Marines who have access to their publications library. If the Marine fails a second time. This page intentionally left blank.

MCI Catalog – [PDF Document]

CD based combat simulation that requires the SNCO to make instant decisions in a tactical environment. MCI issues a diploma. This handbook is applicable to any Marine in a command position to include personnel in the chain of command team.

Commanders may request five specific course books to have shipped to them to maintain as a commanders library.